Home Entertainment Extras! First official pic of an un-Blu Ray, Microsoft finds some heroes, A teen wolf runs a maze, A kick ass team battle, Somebody stole some wolverines, This is the end of 4/20 and You're in a CGI movie, Charlie Brown! Plus much more!

Extras! First official pic of an un-Blu Ray, Microsoft finds some heroes, A teen wolf runs a maze, A kick ass team battle, Somebody stole some wolverines, This is the end of 4/20 and You're in a CGI movie, Charlie Brown! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

We kick off today with a follow-up on one of the big bits of news last week, namely the reveal of Jamie Foxx as Electro (or as we like to call him now, Blu Ray) on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man. It’s a good thing that in-costume he looked so badass, because according to these first officially released images his makeup-less civilian alter ego, Max Dillon, looks like he could lose a fight to his own hair. And did.


Along with this first shot of Foxx’s villain, also comes the first pic of Chronicle’s Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn, Peter Parker’s best friend/enemy/love rival/who knows.


I spend quite a bit of time at the cinema, and thus I regularly question the wisdom of not being allowed to just hit people in the brain with a rolling pin. Whether it be the annoying kids on cellphones, the talkers, the paper rustlers or that guy that opens up a whole KFC bucket right next to you, the fact of the matter is that going to the cinema is often an extreme test in tolerance, which is why so many people rather choose to watch movies in the comfort of their own homes. And once said homes start sporting the new Ultra HD 4K TV’s, cinemas may just have to either upgrade or give up.

There were many stories that appeared at CinemaCon last week, but one that apparently slipped through the cracks was Blue Sky Studios’ (the guys behind the Ice Age series) next project. They showed a teaser clip that saw the sun rising over what appeared to the hemisphere of the earth, but was actually just the shiny dome of Charlie Brown. That”s right, we’re getting a Charlie Brown CGI movie!

And while that story doesn’t actually contain any more details about it, it does give me an excuse to post this pic.


Anything Zod can do, John Harrison can do better. Looks like this blockbuster season is going to see a battle of the villains between Man of Steel and Star Trek Into Darkness, and after Michael Shannon slapped Benedict Cumberbatch across the face with a white glove (aka that viral video clip), the latter has responded in kind with creepy viral video monologue of his own.

Shannon and Cumberbatch are both incredible actors who I’m certain are going to just own their respective roles, but right now, I think the bass-y rumble of Cumberbatch’s disembodied voice has taken the lead.

Usually when there are wolf whistles on a movie set it results in face slaps, sensitivity training and/or lawsuits (At least that’s what Darryn tells me), but it looks like those whistles may be par for the course on Wes Ball’s The Maze Runner. A week after Kaya Scodelario was cast, Teen Wolf (the new TV remake, not the original 80’s movie) star Dylan O’Brien has joined the post apocalyptic YA adaptation in the lead role of Thomas, “who after having his memory wiped is deposited in a community of boys trapped in an enormous maze. He soon learns they are part of a mysterious test, and finds it is his destiny to join the ‘maze runners’ and lead them to freedom.”

You’d think that somebody who used to get paid to break people’s faces and who sports some muscles of her own, would be all into an action movie series about musclecars and face punching, but apparently not so for Gina Carano. The MMA star turned actress (well, kind of actress) has revealed that she had some homework to do for her second on-screen role in Fast & Furious 6, as she’d never seen any of the previous entries in the franchise.

“No, I needed a bit of catching up – definitely. I’m more of a Pride And Prejudice type girl! It was like, “Oh cool. I’ve got some movies to watch.”

She also went on to praise the work of WWE wrestler/professional eyebrow model/cook turned leading man actor Dwain Johnson, whose addition to the franchise in the last installment breathed fresh air into it.

“Yes. People don’t give what he’s done – carrying film after film after film – enough respect. It takes a lot to carry a film and hold your shit together, and he’s done that. He’s also worked on the craft of acting, which gets better. Everybody’s attacked him; that’s what they do when you start. They attack you and they pick out your weaknesses.”

Projecting much, Ms I Act With The Subtlety Of A Kick To The Nose?

We’ve already seen two trailers for Kick-Ass 2, both red and green band, and now comes a new extended clip, that I can’t help but think has actually just been leaked. Firstly, it’s kind of a big scene from the movie, so you know, spoilers, and secondly it ends so abruptly that I can’t help but think if it is actually an official thing, then any marketing people who released it should have their squishy bits introduced to Hit Girl’s nunchucks.

Wolverine may be the best there is at what he does, but what he does is apparently not protect his own posters. You remember that cool ink-wash poster for The Wolverine? We really loved that poster, but it turns out that a bunch of folks loved them way, waaaaay more. Fox revealed to Collider that they will have to replace approximately 50% of the bus shelter version of the posters, as people keep stealing them. Snikt, snikt. Thief, thief.

NBC’s Heroes was a hit show all about people who discovered that they had super powers. After season 1 though, the show itself then discovered that it had the power of super shark jumping, as the story went completely off the rails. The fact that the show stuck around for 4 seasons should restore your faith in humanity, as people apparently won’t ever give up hope that things will eventually get better. It didn’t. But apparently Peter Petrelli and friends may be back on our screens, just not where you expected.

MSN (yes, Microsoft’s internet portal) has revealed that they are looking into reviving the show as an original series streamed to Xbox consoles. They’ve indicated that the show will feature new stories with new characters, but they hope that the original cast would make cameos. While Zachary Quinto may be too buy counting all his Star Trek money, the rest of the cast haven’t really been doing all that much (except for the occasional movie from Milo Ventimiglia) so that shouldn’t be a problem.

And yes, I realize that this may be a little overdue, but did you really think that a video about 4/20 would be punctual? Here’s Seth Rogen and friends from the hilarious looking upcoming post apocalyptic comedy This Is The End, wishing everybody a happy 4/20. Or something. I’m not quite sure as I can’t think straight with this sudden overwhelming craving for Cheetos.

Last Updated: April 22, 2013

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