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Ghostwire: Tokyo will have dynamic 4K and ray tracing on PS5

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Ghostwire: Tokyo, a game that was revealed by E3’s best living highlight reel Ikumi Nakamura back in the ancient year of 2019, just received some updated details on the PlayStation Store. You’re not going crazy though! Yes it may be a Bethesda-published game and thus technically it should be an Xbox exclusive, but Ghostwire: Tokyo exists in a similar sphere as Deathloop, meaning that it has to honor prior arrangements and remain a timed PS5 exclusive.

According to the updated details, DualSense haptic feedback and Tempest 3D AudioTech will be used to set the game apart from other titles. The DualSense’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback will allow you to feel what it likes to have actual supernatural power at your fingertips, something which people who have successfully managed to con TV networks into giving them shows about talking to the dead, have only dreamed about.

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In terms of visuals, you’ll be able to justify spending a silly amount of cash on a new TV as Ghostwire: Tokyo will run at dynamic 4K with HDR and ray tracing support. Basically, a rain-drenched Tokyo that is populated by ghouls and an army of neon lights should look rather gorgeous. Coupled with the PS5 console’s Tempest 3D audio, and there’ll also be a ton of smaller and more subtle sounds to presumably make you feel like there’s something strange in the neighborhood. Who you gonna call? Someone else.

And the last marketing point on the page is the PS5’s SSD, which Sony says will be able to handle “near instant load times” between sessions. If it’s anything like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, that should make for some glorious hop in and out gameplay. Ghostwire: Tokyo, just like most games these days, doesn’t have a concrete release date but it is expected to be out at the tail end of the year. Once its exclusivity window with Sony is over, Xbox players can hop in from Q4 2022.

Last Updated: June 2, 2021

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