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Extras! Hit Girl hits hard, Bridget Jones gets a new diary, Will Ferrell plays with Lego and more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

Believe it or not, but the Bridget Jones movies starring constant lemon-faced actress Renee Zellweger have made quite a bit of cash at the box office. And with Hollywood having a fetish for movies series that end in a prime number, where’s the third film?

Well, that may be because author Helen Fielding hasn’t actually written a third book yet. But she’s planning to, and when i’s done, hopefully our mothers can finally stop reading 50 Shades of Grey.

As for the in development movie, don’t expect that to share much of the book, as Fielding explained;

The movie is a different, earlier story, not based on a novel. It started with some columns I wrote in the Independent about six years ago. But I think with a third instalment stakes are very high. We all go back a long way, we’re all really fond of each other and everyone really wants to get it right but that means there’s a lot of voices, a lot of writers and really getting Bridget right, I always think it’s like a little duck. In the end it needs to skim effortlessly along the surface but underneath the legs are going really, really fast. It’s complicated. And it’s quite hard to do that when there’s a lot of people designing the duck.

I like the other people very much and one never wants to be that nightmare author who’s going “You’re murdering my babies!” I think the problem is that it’s a very specific point of view and very specific voice and however much I stand back we still need that voice. It’s particularly hard without a novel.

 Man, I was really looking forward to seeing action figures on the big screen that had a Kung Fu grip and realistic hair. While the My Little Pony film that I just mentioned never materialised, neither did the GI Joe sequel, due to reasons that end in a “Dee Gimmick”.

Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura spoke about that 3D move, and how John Ch had filmed scenes that were perfect for it, including a rematch between the two opposing ninjas of the franchise, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow;

We learned a lot about 3D—I personally learned a lot about 3D inTransformers. The conversion part of the 3D process is night and day, you know, every three, four months it’s better than it was before.  It’s amazing how fast that thing has changes.

And originally we didn’t really have the time or the resources to try to figure out how to shoot it in 3D in the time frame that we were originally talking about, you know, starting in August and releasing in June.  So this delay has allowed us to go at it now.

Jon [Chu] has some sequences that are really, there’s a phenomenal—for G.I. Joe fans it’s going to be one of the really great scenes for them, because there’s a fight between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow in a hallway that is so perfect for 3D I can’t tell you.  It’s going to be like one of the coolest fights ever in 3D, because there’s so much about it that’s dynamic.

That’s going to be really fun.  And you know people have seen bits and pieces of the Himalayan sort of rock climbing thing, it’s almost 3D without having turned into 3D, so I can’t wait to see that.  That one’s going to be like what the hell?

Bonaventura then decided to adopt several stray animals while shaping his hair with ludicrous amounts of hair gel and wax into something that resembled a bird. Sort of. Not really.

 Hey, who wants some posters for some upcoming moves, displayed right here on your eye-searing monitors? You don’t? Well tough sebiscuits, because I’m calling the shots here today!

Here’s a few posters then for The Hobbit, Gangster Squad, Beautiful Creatures and 21 & Over;

Oh look, another movie about people getting drunk. Look out for the 2014 gimmick cash in, Twilight – Breaking Dawn Party X the After-Hangover.

 Good news fan-fiction writers! Here’s Daniel Radcliffe and John Hamm gettin pretty close to one another, in the trailer for A Young Doctor’s Notes!

 Looks like Will Ferrell is going to be playing with some Lego. He’s signed up his screechy voice for the upcoming animated film starring the overpriced blocks and ankle puncture-tools, as he’ll be lending his vocal shrieks to Lego: piece of the resistance.

 If you have yet to read the follow up sequel to Kickass in sequelised trade paperback form, know this: Hit Girl lives up to her name in those issues. And with a second film on the way, here’s some Daily Mail snapshots of  Chloe Moretz putting the skills that Big Daddy Nic Cage taught her, to painful use.

Oooooh, right in the henchticles!

 Animal abuse sucks, and if you happen to disagree, then you’re most likely a Japanese racist stereotype from a bad Leon Schuster film. Michael Roskam is busy adapting the script for Animal Rescue right now, which will be about a lonely Boston bar owner that rescues a puppy from a rubbish bin and gets involved with the mob somehow.

Makes sense to me. Now go adopt some kittens at your local SPCA, before the local Mafia kneecaps you.

 Looks like the mighty Thor won’t be playing hammer-time with enemy nation faces, as the actor has dropped out of American Assassin.  Blame that on his current schedule, which involves Asgardian epics and killing robots for Steven Spielberg.

Here’s a look at the screen test between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield for The Amazing Spider-Man. While the film may have been a slap-dash 90 minutes of broken promises and studio inteferences, it’s hard to deny the chemistry that these two young leads had.

 And to end the day off, here’s a 1972 short film directed by master helmer David Cronenberg, called Secret Weapons. It’s kind of a dead ringer for, well, Dead Ringers.

Last Updated: November 12, 2012

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