Extras! Lawrence Kasdan wants a fresh Star Wars, Bond is cheap, The Green Inferno gets red, Alice Eve says the rumours Khan't be true and Yippee Ki-ya, Mother… Plus much more!

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My momma taught me that if you haven’t got anything nice to say about anything, then rather say nothing at all. Which is why this is the very last time you’ll hear me mention this trailer for the Morgan “Supersize Size Me” Spurlock directed One Direction movie.

You may recall that last week we brought you a story that Entertainment Weekly may either have inadvertently revealed the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain in Star Trek Into Darkness with the headline to their exclusive access article, or somebody slipped up big time in the fact checking department?

Yeah, it looks like EW may in fact just be staffed by monkeys. Don’t worry it’s a very common problem. Trust us, we know.

Actress Alice Eve corrected the mistake when spoke to the press at last night’s BAFTA’s and revealed matter of factly:

“He’s not playing Khan.”

Speaking of movies directed by JJ Abrams (which lately feels like every movie), writer Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi) who will be collaborating my Michael Arndt on Star Wars: Episode VII as well as possibly producing the scripts for the proposed spinoff movies with Simon Kinberg, spoke to LA Times about his approach to the new films.

“I’m trying to start fresh. There are certain pleasures that we think the saga can bring to people that they’ve been missing, and we’re hoping to bring them that, and at the same time, have them feel that it’s all new.”

“George sort of brought me into this part of it and he’s stepping back from the company. He’s sort of given his blessing to everybody, and he’ll be there if you need him. I think everyone’s interested to see where this can go. It’s been some very different places over 30 years …. I think with J.J., we’ll get something entirely new.”

We’ve seen a couple of new pics for Riddick recently, courtesy of Vin Diesel’s Facebook stream (at least he isn’t playing Abominable Snow Fairy Painter Wars or whatever is fashionable lately), and the latest has to be my favourite of the lot. Because what else can make Riddick’s badass with a big knife persona cooler than he already has, than giving him an even bigger effing knife.

If  the 10 million degree heat of the sun couldn’t stop him, there’s no way that something as trivial as being in jail for tax fraud will curb Wesley Snipes from releasing new movies. Gallowwalkers was the sci-fi horror film that Snipes was busy making while going through his court case in 2010, and now the film is finally going to see a release as VMI Worldwide has sold the North American distribution rights to Wrekin Hill Entertainment. There’s no release date set but, I suspect that it will probably be close to Snipes’ own July 19, 2013 release from prison.

As to what Gallowwalkers is about, it sounds like exactly the type of film that you would expect an almost over-the-hill action star who’s about to face jail time to star in.

Gallowwalkers is the story of a mysterious gunman, Aman (Snipes), the son of a nun, who breaks her covenant with God to ensure his survival. Her break with God curses her son to be hunted by all those who die by his hand – When he takes revenge on a gang that murdered his love, the gang rises as a cursed crew of undead warriors and hunt him mercilessly, seeking their ‘dying’ revenge.

If you’re worried that Gareth Edwards’ upcoming Godzilla reboot is about to take a giant radioactive dump on your favourite movie monster memories, then Elizabeth Olsen has some assurances for you. The Martha Marcy May Marlene star and younger sister to the more famous Olsen twins confirmed her involvement in the project on the red carpet at the BAFTAs last night, as well as allaying any fears that this new version isn’t one to take seriously.

“Somebody earlier was saying ‘Oh, that’s so crazy, going from a serious drama to something as lighthearted as Godzilla,’ and all I could say was that it’s definitely not lighthearted. It’s kind of going back to its roots of the original Japanese film.”

Because Japanese men flailing about in rubber suits on tiny styrofoam city sets is deathly serious business, yo! /troll

Here’s the first official pic from Eli Roth’s cannibal-centric horror flick The Green Inferno. Strangely enough, this exactly what it looked like the first time I went around to Darryn’s house. I’m beginning to suspect that he and his relatives were in actual fact not covered in ketchup like they claimed.

If you’re in the market for some old school chauvinism, with a dash of thrills, then you may want to head over to Amazon soon. Their Deal of the Day is the Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection Blu Ray boxset, which has been reduced by 57% to about R1150. That is the cheapest price I’ve seen for it yet.

If you’re a fan of ruptured eardrums then this next bit of news is just for you. Disney have revealed that RnB diva and professional hadeda impersonator, Mariah Carey, has recorded the lead song for Sam Raimi’s Oz the Great and Powerful. Here’s a snippet of the press release.

Disney announced today that multiple GRAMMY® Award–winning superstar Mariah Carey has recorded the song, “Almost Home,” for “Oz The Great and Powerful,” the studio’s highly anticipated fantastical adventure, directed by Sam Raimi, releasing in theaters nationwide on March 8, 2013.

“‘Almost Home’ has a message that works beautifully with the film,” Mariah Carey says of the song she co-wrote and co-produced for “Oz The Great and Powerful.” “It’s a feel-good record; it gives you the feeling of reaching your home and being with people that you love.”

If past personal experience is anything to go by, it will of reaching my home and throwing up on the people that I love.

Here’s a new featurette and poster both highlighting Diane Kruger in Andrew Nicol’s adaptation of Stephanie “Twilight” Meyer’s The Host. Wait, so Diane Kruger is the Seeker? Cool! Why didn’t anybody tell me this movie was about quidditch!

Judging from that poster, if what Diane Kruger is actually seeking is a way for the skin on her face to not match any of the other visible skin on her body, then she’s definitely found it.

I think Christoph Waltz is an amazingly versatile actor, with a magnetic screen presence. Those are not the words that Cindy Davis that Cindy Davis over at Pajiba would use to describe the Oscar winner though. No, her word is “delicious”, a whole lot of “delicious”.

If you like your John McClane sweary then you were probably a bit disappointed with the way everybody’s favourite balding detective’s foul mouthed catchphrase, “Yipper Ki-yay, [email protected]#$er!” was censored in the last film in order to keep the age restriction down. You were probably then also very happy to hear that McClane’s latest adventure, A Good Die To Die Hard, was recently classified as R by the MPAA, which obviously meant that there’d be no half-hearted naughty words now, right? RIGHT?

Turns out, not quite. The British Board of Film Classification released this statement to announce that they have given the film a 12A rating (roughly equivalent to a PG-13), and in the the statement they indicate why. The first line though, is of the highest importance here.

“The film contains four uses of strong language (‘f**k’) and a partial use of ‘motherf***er’, the end of which has been cut short so the implied strong language is not heard in full”.

“Against a backdrop of explosions, car chases and the destruction of property, there are a number of scenes featuring shootings which occasionally show brief bullet impacts, but there is no focus on blood or injury. In scenes of hand-to-hand combat we see brief punches and kicks, impressionistic rifle butt blows and an implied, but unseen, neck break. Although there are some crunchy sound effects and incidental shots of the heroes with blood on their faces and clothes, no detail of injury is shown.

“A Good Day To Die Hard also includes scenes of gun threat to the head and several brief shots of knife-blades as the heroes prepare to defend themselves. There are also passing references to ‘doing drugs’ and some mild innuendo.”

Partial swear words, brief and bloodless bullet wounds, implied broken necks? What the fudge? Where’s the hardcore Die Hard movie that we all grew up watching? The last movie that pulled this babying stunt was Taken 2 and didn’t turn out too good for them.

[UPDATE] Looks like the initial source was a bit misleading for this, BleedingCool, points out that the film will be edited down from a R rating to the 12A just for the British audience.

And what better way to end off today’s extras that with end-credits. 8-Bit end credits, to be exact. Well, 8-bit end credits to Wreck-It Ralph to be even exacter.

Last Updated: February 11, 2013

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