Home Entertainment Extras! Lone Ranger is going to be an uncle, Bishop and Warpath join the X-Men, Shane Black will be going savage, John Woo has some epic flying tigers, Guillermo Del Toro makes another monster, and Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse are so f@#$ing hot! Plus much more!

Extras! Lone Ranger is going to be an uncle, Bishop and Warpath join the X-Men, Shane Black will be going savage, John Woo has some epic flying tigers, Guillermo Del Toro makes another monster, and Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse are so f@#$ing hot! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

I’ve mentioned before that I think it would be really cool to have our very own title sequence over here on The Movies, but unfortunately we’re a bunch of lazy gits around here. Maybe I could outsource the job though who produced this incredible fan-made Man of Steel title sequence? I could pay them with back rubs from Darryn. He’s the best.

Looks like Guillermo Del Toro should get sponsored by an energy drink, because just can’t leave those monsters alone. If he’s not freaking out little Spanish girls with them or having them battle heroic devils, he’s letting them throwdown with big effing robots. And now he’s going to be monstering it up on your TV too. The director is apparently teaming up with “Sherlock’ and “Doctor Who” writer Steven Thompson to adapt Naoki Urasawa’s 18-volume manga series “Monster” for HBO. The duo will co-write the series with Del Toro planning to direct the pilot. Here’s the manga’s plot summary:

An ice-cold killer is on the loose, and brilliant Dr. Kenzo Tenma is the only one who can stop him! Conspiracies, serial murders, and a scathing indictment of hospital politics are all masterfully woven together in this compelling manga thriller. Tenma risks his promising medical career to save the life of a critically wounded young boy. Unbeknownst to him, the child is destined for a terrible fate. Who could have known that Tenma would create a monster!

Once only known as that guy who played his own twin in that Facebook movie, Armie Hammer will now possibly be known as a lot more. Like the guy who stars in movie remakes of classic  TV shows. He’s currently hi-ho’ing it up in Gore Verbinski’s The Lone Ranger, but he’ll soon be making like Nicole Kidman back in 2001 and spying on Tom Cruise as he’s joined Man from U.N.C.L.E., the Guy Ritchie directed feature film remake of the classic 60’s spy caper.

Hammer will play Soviet agent Ilya Kuryakin while Cruise will US spook, and owner of the most pimptastic name ever, Napoleon Solo.


Here’s the first look at Spider-Man squeeze Shailene Woodley in Neil “Limitless” Burger’s YA adaptation Divergent. The film is set in a dystopian future Chicago where humanity is divided into factions based on certain personality traits. Based on this image I’d say that Woodley’s character, Beatrice’s personality trait is not having her face punctured with throwing knives. That’s always a good trait to have, if you ask me.


 I never went as gaga as some over The Hangover, but even the staunchest supporters of that film have to admit it’s sequel, The Hangover II, was nothing more than an inferior copy of the original. Not if you’re director Todd Phillips though.

“Yes, we do a wake-up and a blackout, but every joke in ‘Hangover II’ is completely different. My feeling is that it’s the better movie of the two.”

“I think in five or ten years time, people will come to realize how brilliant ‘Hangover II’ is.”

Uwe Boll, is that you in a Todd Phillips suit?

As cool and talented as writer-director Shane Black is, he’s not exactly a household name. That should change soon though, according to early reviews on Iron Man 3. And now that he’s about to make some Tony Stark money, Black can get back to doing some of his pet projects. And next on the list will see him tackling his long in development Doc Savage film.

“Well Doc Savage is proceeding on pace.  I mean we’ve got to try to set a deal now to go back into that, so as Iron Man wound down I sort of reconnected with Sony who have been gracious to say, ‘We’ll wait a year and sit on these rights until you’re finished with this other picture that we don’t control.’  So they were really cool about it, they were really nice.  So yeah I’m back on it.”

For those of you born after the internet, Doc Savage is classic pulp adventure hero from the 1930’s and 40’s, trained from birth by his father and a group of scientists to achieve the very peak in human physical and mental abilities, the almost superhuman character has been adapted to just about every media format over the years.

Here’s the poster for horror anthology sequel V/H/S 2, which unfortunately is nowhere near as eye-catching or original as its predecessor’s.


Yo dawg, John Woo heard you like movies and mini-series. So he’s going to put a mini-series in your movie, so that you can watch a movie while watching a mini-series. The Hong Kong film director’s long in development WWII flying movie, Flying Tigers, which has attracted the attentions of Liam Neeson, Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie, is finally moving ahead. And when John Woo makes a movie, he doesn’t mess around. Flying Tigers will be developed as 2-part 6-hour long feature film as well as a 3-part mini-series.

Here’s the official blurb for the movie:

Flying Tigers, a heroic band of American pilots who volunteered to join the Chinese Air Force and fight Japanese aggression at the onset of World War II. Known as the “Flying Tigers” due to the iconic shark’s teeth painted on their fighter planes, the team played an integral role in holding the line against imperial Japan in the early days of the war. Although outnumbered and often ill-equipped, the Flying Tigers valiantly staved off numerous Japanese attacks in China and Southeast Asia. Flying Tigers is a compelling story of international friendship and heroism between American and Chinese servicemen who perilously fought side-by-side in a time of need.

We’ve already seen plenty of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 set pics on the web (yuk-yuk), but thanks to a bunch of new ones over on GeekTyrant we get our first real clear look at Spidey’s redesigned costume. They’ve ditched all the garish shiny bits and strange detailing for a costume that’s the closest we’ve ever got to its comic book counterpart. In other words, looking exactly like every cosplay you’ve ever seen.


And that’s one X-Men: Days of Future Past mystery solved! We heard a while back that Omar Sy (The Intouchables) and Booboo “I’m not making this name up” Stewart (The Twilight Saga) had joined the mega mutant sequel, but we weren’t sure who they would be playing. Thanks to this Vine video that director Bryan Singer posted though, showing off the various on-set chairs for the various characters, we now know that they’re actually playing Bishop and Warpath!

For the non-geeks, Warpath aka James Proudstar is a Native American mutant warrior possessing incredible strength, endurance and a predilection for really big knives, while Lucas Bishop was a time-travelling mutant from a dystopian future who, although he never appeared in the original “Days of Future Past” story arc, played a critical role in the 90’s cartoon series adaptation of the story.

 And now, for something completely different. I discovered this video featuring actors Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse completely by accident as I was looking for a different one with Franco, Olivia Munn and Alison Brie. But since I had to sit through it, so will you. You need to experience it as cold turkey as I did, so I won’t tell you much, except that it’s titled “You’re So Hot” and it uses some very, VERY NSFW language so I wouldn’t play this one on the speakers.

Last Updated: April 25, 2013

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