Home Entertainment Extras! More Star Wars casting rumours, Brad Pitt & his friends get tanked, Turtles' lair revealed, Simon Pegg will be killed thrice, Michael Fassbender heads to the west slowly, and Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart are going to get hard?! Plus much more!

Extras! More Star Wars casting rumours, Brad Pitt & his friends get tanked, Turtles' lair revealed, Simon Pegg will be killed thrice, Michael Fassbender heads to the west slowly, and Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart are going to get hard?! Plus much more!

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With AMC’s Breaking Bad drawing to a close soon, lots of people will be looking back at the Golden Globe winning show and reminisce about all the silly jokes, and hilarious antics that Walter and his friends got up to the beloved sitcom. Oh, you don’t remember it that way? Well, then clearly you didn’t watch it with a studio audience and some catchy jingles like this Breaking Bad/Seinfeld mashup.

Michael Fassbender, Ben Mendelsohn and Kodi Smit-McPhee have all signed on for the new Western Slow West. Coincidentally, “Slow West” is also the nickname we have around here for Darryn’s side of the office. There are no plot details yet for the  film, which marks the feature film directorial debut John Maclean (who previously directed Fassbender in a couple of short films).

And now that the boys have had their fun, it’s time for the girls of Thor: The Dark World to also get their own poster treatment, with this pair featuring the Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster and Jaime Alexander’s Lady Sif.



I sense a disturbance in the Star Wars rumour Force. According to BleedingCooland Latino Review, The Host star Saoirse Ronan has gone in to read for the lead role in Star Wars: Episode VII. Now reading for something just means that you’re auditioning with a bunch of other people as well, so no need to get too excited yet. It does sort of confirm past rumours though that Episode VII will see a female lead.

 Now about a week back, a much bigger rumour made the rounds claiming that Benedict Cumberbatch would be playing the film’s Sith Lord baddie, and since then Cumberbatch’s people have vehemently denied it all. Well, Latino Review are sticking by their rumour-mongering guns, saying that the denials are all filthy lies. I mean, it’s not as if we haven’t played this game before, right?

They also go on to claim that while the bulk of the film will be shot in London, a portion will be filmed in Las Cruces, New Mexico, which admittedly has a very Tattooine-ish feel to it.

Speaking of Star Wars… Now while the acclaimed universe has many almost impossible things in it that we just accept (the Force, hyperspace, etc), probably the most far fetched element that George Lucas ever introduced was that  the badass Darth Vader, was once annoying brat, Jake Lloyd.

Know what’s worse a worse thought than that realization though? What if Vader’s voice never changed, and he had whiny-kid Anakin’s prebuscent voice? Well, this clip is here to make all your bad dreams come true.

Here’s our first look at David “End of Watch” Ayer’s WWII action drama Fury, which sees Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, and Jon Bernthal just chilling. On a tank. As one does.

Click to enlarge.


Ron Howard’s Formula 1 drama Rush, has been picking up the praises quicker than featured race James Hunt would pick up ladies, and one are that has been garnering the most accolades was in how he shot the racing scenes. According to Howard, to make those scenes as gripping as they were, he took a few tips from Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull.

“I thought, ‘Get it visceral. Make it intense and obviously recreate the speed, the sound, the feel of it. Do something that demanded to be seen on the big screen.’ But I wanted to use the psychology of the characters to differentiate all of the races, and I thought that would create more suspense and tension. And also, the races and the character development wouldn’t be separated. It would all be one in the same thing.”

Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart have officially signed on to star in Tropical Thunder screenwriter turned director Etan Cohen’s Get Hard, a film title that will probably inspire many penis jokes in the (pun not intended) coming months. The comedy will see Ferrell as “a wealthy investment bank manager who is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and prepares for prison with help from the guy (Hart) who washes his car.”

Here’s what Latino Review are claiming is the first look at the sewer lair set from Jonathan Liebesman’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Either that or somebody hacked the webcam in Darryn’s bedroom and uploaded pics of it onto the internet. I mean, making furniture of empty pizza boxes is exactly the type of thing he would do.

Click to embiggenate.



English funnyman Simon Pegg will be getting all serious as he joins Aussies Teresa Palmer, Sonia Braga, Luke Hemsworth, Sullivan Stapleton and Bryan Brown in upcoming Australian crime thriller Kill Me Three Times. So, like the Ashes but only with less cricket and slightly more murderous plots. Kriv Stenders, whose hit Red Dog was the biggest Aussie movie of 2011, directs the tale which sees Braga as “a singer in a surf town [who] is the link between three tales of murder, blackmail, and revenge. Pegg plays an assassin hired by the singer’s husband; Stapleton is a gambling addict trying to pay off his debts through a life insurance scam masterminded by Palmer’s small town Lady Macbeth. Brown is a corrupt cop and Hemsworth plays a surfer trying to save Braga from her would-be killer.”

There are many movies that never happened. Sometimes it’s because of the production’s money problems, sometimes the cast becomes unavailable, or sometimes the ideas are just batshit crazy. Like how, instead of Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day-Lewis, Martin Scorsese originally wanted the band members of The Clash to star in his earlier version of Gangs of New York. Right. You can learn all about that and a whole lot more in this rather cool clip about 55 Unfortunately Unfinished Movies (You’ll thank me for this on Trivial Pursuit night).

Last Updated: September 20, 2013

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