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Extras! Olga Kurylenko could be a wonder-ful woman, James DeMonaco gets purged again, Lynne Ramsay got a lawsuit, Meet 2 out of 12 Monkeys, A list of young actors gets Terminated, and The Force is not strong with Saoirse Ronan?! Plus much more

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

If you were a fan of all the singing in the first Hobbit film, then here’s another little ditty for it’s sequel, The Desolation of Smaug. Except this one is not about dirty dishes or being sung by a group of short men with adventurous facial hair. This is Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire”, the end-credits song to be used in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug which Peter Jackson unveiled on his Youtube channel yesterday.

Sheeran is no Enya, and this is no “May It Be” or “Aniron”, but I have to admit that I did find myself humming it after a while.

SyFy has locked in the two principal leads for their TV series adaptation of Terry Gilliam’s 90’s sci-fi classic 12 Monkeys. The original starred a desperate Bruce Willis alongside an intensely deranged Brad Pitt, the new one will star that kid that played Pyro in the X-Men movies and that pretty blonde girl from that ballet movie.

Aaron Stanford (Nikita, X-Men: The Last Stand, X2) will play “Cole,” a desperate and haunted man from the near future, who travels to the present day to stop a deadly plague from being released on the world.

Amanda Schull  (Suits, Pretty Little Liars,  Center Stage) will play “Cassandra Railly,” a brilliant doctor who is forced to choose between her idyllic life or joining Cole’s mission to uncover the dangerous conspiracy.

By the time you pop back around these parts tomorrow morning, we should have a brand new Robocop trailer for you fanboy rage on. For now though, all we have is this trailer sneak peek courtesy of ET Online.

Well, looks like my hope from yesterday, that we’ll soon be getting some concrete info about Star Wars: Episode VII, has been come true. Only not the way I was hoping. We still have zero clue as to who’s starring in the movie, but now we at least know of one person who definitely isn’t. Saoirse Ronan, who admitted to having auditioned for the film’s female lead just like “everyone else did”, has confirmed that she didn’t get the part.

“I don’t have the role. I just shouldn’t have said anything. I just auditioned for it, like everyone else did… To pretend that you have a lightsaber in a scene is always very exciting. It would be great. But it’s something that everyone’s gone up for.”

And if you’re a Saoirse fan, then this story is actually a one-two combo of bad news. She’s also revealed that any rumours about here being attached to Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot are just that: rumours.

While there are some aspects of Man of Steel that I enjoyed less on second and third viewings, I can never get enough of Zack Snyder’s opening on Krypton. Those 15 minutes was one of the best sci-fi films I’ve seen this year. And now thanks to a new infographic released to promote the film’s Blu Ray release, you can learn more about Kal El’s home planet. Like the fact that their guns have jaws.

Click to enlarge.


And in today’s episode of Wild Unsubstantiated Rumours, according to Schmoes Know and their “phantom” source, erstwhile Bond girl Olga Kurylenko has tested for the role of Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman vs Superman.

This is of course just a few days after the rumour that Thor starlet, Jaimie Alexander, may also be in talks for the same role. I say we get a couple bikinis and some baby oil, and let these two ladies fight wrestle over who gets the role.

Right, history lesson: Last year, The Natalie Portman starring/produced Western, Jane Got a Gun, was good to go with Michael Fassbender and Joel Edgerton co starring and Lynne “We Need to Talk About Kevin” Ramsay directing. Then Fassbender had to pull out due to scheduling conflicts, prompting some musical chairs as Edgerton then took over his role, while Jude Law was cast in Edgerton’s vacated spot as the baddie. This little mix-up paled in comparison though to what happened on the first day of shooting, when all the cast and crew gathered on set to get on with the job, only to discover that not only had Ramsay decided to not show up for work, but she was already on a plane back to New Mexico. Why she called it quits then is a matter for debate. What we know, is that with Ramsay gone, Law left with her, causing producers to now find not only a new director but also a co-star.

Eventually Warrior director Gavin O’Connor and The A-Team star Bradley Cooper stepped up to plug those gaps, but the damage to the production schedule had already been done. And unfortunately, as is always the case when things go wrong, somebody needs to pay. And according to the producers on the film, that person is Ramsay. They have filed a lawsuit against her claiming that she was paid $500 000 to touch up Brian Duffield’s original screeplay and direct, neither of which happened. It’s also alleged that her bailing on the film, was after a three day standoff with producer Scott Steindorf, disagreeing with the direction of the film. And by disagreeing, I mean acting crazy.

The lawsuit claims that Ramsay “was repeatedly under the influence of alcohol, was abusive to members of the cast and crew and was generally disruptive…[she also] failed to adhere to proper safety protocol for handling weapons on set, when she pointed a prop gun directly at a camera and, in turn, at the camera crew before first taking proper precautions.”

Yeah, this is going to get even uglier.

A new pic from X-Men: Days of Future Past has popped up, giving us the first up-close look at Michael Fassbender’s Magneto costume… And I have to say, I think it looks a bit silly. Well, specifically, the arms make it looks silly. They just needed to do more with them, because now it just looks like a speedskater wearing a bulletproof vest and a cape.


And proving that one rumour per day just isn’t good enough, the Schmoes Know claim that they know who’s on the short list to play Sarah Connor and her freedom fighting John in the new Terminator film. Apparently Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), Brie Larson (21 Jump Street, Don Jon) and Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street) are all up for Sarah Connor, while Boyd Holbrook (The Host) and Garrett Hedlund (Tron: Legacy, On the Road) is in the mix for John.

What’s very interesting about this list, if it pans out, is that both groups of actors are in their mid to late 20’s, and last time I checked, you can’t be the same age as your mom. So will John Connor actually be travelling back in time to before his mom actually fell pregnant with him?

Chris Tucker’s motor-mouth, blonde peak-haired Ruby Rhod is easily one of the most memorable things about Luc Besson’s Fifth Element, and that’s not only because his screechy voice digs its way into your brain and never lets go. However, as iconic as Tucker’s performance became, he was actually not the first choice. Originally Besson wanted singer Prince to play the part, but he turned it down.

However, thanks to a new art exhibit showcasing the work of couture fashion impresario Jean Paul Gaultier, who also designed all the costumes for Fifth Element, we can see what Prince as Ruby Rhod would have looked like. And, yeah, I’m kind of glad they didn’t go with this, because I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not really a fan of staring at another man’s bush. Especially ass-bush.



One other very interesting tidbit that’s come to light from the artwork featured in the exhibit, is that before Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich got the jobs, Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts were originally cast as Korben Dallas and Leeloo. That would have been a totally different movie.

Besides for the entirely absurd premise, I rather enjoyed high-concept horror flick, The Purge. You know who else enjoyed it? All the bean counters over at Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Production. With a budget of just $3 million, it went on to make $87 million at the box-office. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s a 2800% profit. And you can be damn sure that the studios want to replicate that success, which is why original writer-director James DeMonaco has just been confirmed to be scripting and helming a sequel.

While the Avengers may be all the rage now – especially Hulk (get it?) – there was a time when another team of heroes (who also happened to be Darryn’s role models), also dressed in brightly coloured clothing and possessing great powers, technology and fighting prowess, repelled alien invaders from another dimension. They were the Power Rangers!

But what if the two teams were magically merged, what would that look like? Well, wonder no more!

Last Updated: November 7, 2013


  1. The only thing I want from whoever is Wonder Woman is that she’s not a skinny waif who’ll break in half if she walks in a strong wind.


    • McCleod

      November 8, 2013 at 08:49

      Why because you fat? Don’t hate on the skinny people dude? Not nicely played at all!


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