Home Entertainment Extras! Potential meme's from the Oscars, Rejected Star Wars merchandising ideas, Things we have learnt from the movies and The Artist is actually a colour film?! Plus much more!

Extras! Potential meme's from the Oscars, Rejected Star Wars merchandising ideas, Things we have learnt from the movies and The Artist is actually a colour film?! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

We kick off with some Oscars Extras today… Brett McKenzie, one half of comedy music duo Flight of the Conchords (What do you mean that you’ve never seen their show? Are you allergic to things that are good?!) won an Oscar for his song “Man or Muppet”, and on the red carpet the New Zealander (We won’t hold that against him. For now) struck one of the most memorable poses in Oscar history.


Not to be outdone by Brett’s posturing though, Angelina “I haven’t eaten carbs since Girl, Interruped” Jolie,  introduced the entire world to her right leg. Over and over again.

It became so comical, that it not only spawned it’s own twitter account – yes, twitter account! – almost immediately, but later when The Descendants co-writer Jim Rash went up to accept his award, he decided to strike the same pose.

Back to the Future creator Bob Gale, has issued a plea to all fans to help in the restoration of the original Delorean used in the films.

 Action Figure Insider has an awesome article and huge image gallery of rejected merchandising ideas for Star Wars Episode 1. While some of it was right to be given the chop, there are a couple of winners on there, and I cannot figure out why they would be rejected. I mean, who wouldn’t want an R2-D2 portable bar?

You know, there are days where I wake up and think to myself “Self, I think that today we need to become a comic book symbol of American patriotism!”. And for days like that there is this awesome set of replica Captain America motorcycle leathers from UD Replicas:

Alas, the helmet and shield are not for sale.

The Artist is getting praised for it’s vintage Hollywood sensibilities, with it picking up 5 Oscars on Sunday night. But did you know that the black and white film was actually shot in colour and converted later?  Mark Bridges, who won the Best Costume Design Oscar for his work on the movie, revealed this interesting factoid to reporters backstage.

“It was filmed in colour. It was filmed in colour because there was a chance in some markets it would be shown in colour.”

Those of you getting your hopes up for a “Colour edition” will do well to quash them, as producer Thomas Langmann gave a pretty unequivocal answer as to whether he has any plans to release colour footage:

“No. Sorry, but no.”

Many people loved Meryl Streep’s Oscar acceptance speech for win in Margaret Thatcher biopic, Iron Lady, but apparently over in England, not everybody is a fan.  Lord Norman Tebbit, who served as an aide to Thatcher for six years, was not too happy with the fact that Streep thanked everybody from her husband to actors that passed on, but not Thatcher herself:

“I’m not at all surprised she didn’t mention her.

“The film was about Meryl Streep, not Lady Thatcher. If Margaret Thatcher had been like the woman portrayed by Meryl Streep, she wouldn’t have lasted six months as Prime Minister.”

And we end today on quite a big image, so warm up those scrolling fingers. It’s totally worth it though, as we list Things We Have Learned from the Movies:

Other things I have learnt from the movies:

  • If you’re in High School, and you’re a cheerleader/football player, you’re never allowed to wear any other clothing besides your cheerleading outfit/school team jacket
  • People in America never say goodbye on the phone. They just stop talking and put down the receiver
  • Your car will work perfectly until the moment you’re being chased by somebody, and need to get in and start it quickly
  • Wearing glasses and a ponytail makes you the ugly girl in school
  • If you’re a cop, you’ll never be able to completely eat/drink a hot dog/cup of coffee. You will always have to ditch it halfway to chase some criminal

And that’s it from my side! I’m off to cut slits into the right leg of all my pants. I’m telling you, this Angelina Jolie pose is going to catch on soon. All the cool kids will be doing it!

Last Updated: February 28, 2012

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  1. Tracy Benson

    February 28, 2012 at 16:59

    Things I have learned from the movies:
    1 – anything important / dramatically revealing has to be said to the person’s back, not to their face. 
    2 – duvets are L shaped, with the higher side on whichever side the woman is sleeping on, and the lower side being on the guy’s side
    3 – you never need to lock your car door


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