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Dark Alliance gets a new gameplay trailer narrated by the Rhymenocerous

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Dark Alliance

Dark magic, danger around every corner of the Forgotten Realms and a big goblin bastard who deserves a proper kicking. Who ya gonna call? A quartet of adventurers who are up to the task and so steeped in the lore of fantasy, that at least one of them has two Zs in his name. That’s Dungeons and/or Dragons right there!

Dark Alliance is just around the corner, although with everything else going on in the gaming industry right now it might have slipped your mind. Fret not! A new trailer not only gets you up to speed on all the magical melee mayhem you’ll be able to pull off using grim warriors and dwarves with resplendent facial hair, it also taps the power of a Hiphopopotamus to explain everything.

Yep that’s right, Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords is here to share some of that dry New Zealand humour. Here’s the trailer, showing off dual-wielding and spirit-tiger summoning Drizzt, the archery master Cattie-Brie, big hammer-wielding barbarian Wilfgar, and defensive dwarven fighter Bruenor who wields shields and the most impressive beard this side of Kara-Tur.

Dark Alliance drops its bottomless fantasy lyrics on June 22 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Xbox owners get an extra boost, as not only is the game going to be available on Game Pass from day one but it’ll also have a free next-gen upgrade via smart delivery. PlayStation owners will have to pony up for Dark Alliance, but they’ll also receive the upgrade for free through a digital code, because Sony’s next-gen device is old-gen when it comes to upgrades.

Two DLC drops with new levels and difficulty rankings will come after launch, with developer Tuque Games also promising an expansion that adds a new playable character, more levels, new enemies, and other stuff.

Last Updated: June 10, 2021

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