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Extras! RIP Bryan Forbes, The King in the North is charming, Zod enters a sci-fi chase, Iron Man 3D, A guardian slips up, and Now you can own Tony Stark's house! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

Another day, another gigantic space maze where amnesiac boys just show up out of nowhere. No, I’m not talking about the alleyways off Long Street in Cape Town on a Saturday night! This is the first piece of artwork released for director Wes Ball’s YA adaptation, The Maze Runner, which shows off the sci-fi film’s mysterious Glade; a gigantic maze where every day, the doors open to reveal an amnesiac boy with no idea of how they got there. The story will follow Thomas, a recent arrival in the Glade, who gets told by a girl – the very first girl to ever show up there – that he has a special purpose.


Now for some unfortunate news. Bryan Forbes, acclaimed British director of such classics as The Stepford Wives and King Rat has passed away in his family home in Surrey, at the age 86. Forbes had been fighting an unconfirmed illness for a long time now, before eventually succumbing to the disease yesterday.

Tony Stark is known for his cool looking duds (the metallic ones with the lasers and rocket boots, I mean) and a lot of that comes from the pen of comic book artist Adi Granov. Not only did he provide the artwork for “Iron Man: Extremis”, the story from which elements were borrowed for Iron Man 1 & 3, but his armour designs were what governed the whole look of Iron Man’s cinematic world. But not all his ideas were used though, as Granov has revealed this incredibly badass looking set of unused armour on his Tumblr.


Judging from the heavy duty design, I’m guessing that this would be the armour Tony uses to punch dinosaurs in their brains. Please let there be dinosaur brain punching in The Avengers 2.

Speaking of Iron Man’s armour, if you’ve seen Iron Man 3 – or even just the trailers, since it was given away there – you’ll know that Tony Stark has a lot of armour in the movie. A lot. All of which had to be created digitally. Head on over to FX Guide for a rather in-depth look on how they were all created and made to do all those super cool stuff.

And if you’re still suffering from an iron deficiency, here’s another Tony Stark related story for your enjoyment: If any of you happen to have an extra… oh, say $25 million just laying around, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll then be able to buy Tony Stark’s house.

The Sharlto Copley starring pseudo-documentary sci-fi film, The Europa Report, has a new poster out. The film has been wrapped up in relative secrecy until now, with us only knowing that the doccie styled film has been created with the collaboration of major scientific experts and organizations (like NASA), to make the film’s story of an expedition to investigate the existence of extraterrestrial life on the Jovian moon, Europa, as authentic as possible. And staying true to form, this poster doesn’t give away much. Except that aliens apparently don’t know how to tune in a TV properly.


Seems that Kenneth Branagh has found his Prince Charming for his version of CinderellaRichard Madden. Madden, of course, has tons of experiencing playing royalty as he’s most famous for the role of King of the North, Robb Stark, in Game of Thrones. He joins Lily James, who is already cast as the eponymous fairy tale princess, and Cate Blanchett who will play her wicked step-mother.

For Madden, I’m sure that slipping glass slippers on ladies’ feet, will be a nice change of pace from beheading people.

Michael Shannon and Jeff Nichols just can’t get enough of each other. After working together on Shotgun Stories, Take Shelter, and most recently Mudactor and director will be reteaming again for a new project. Not much is known about the new film, other than it will be a “sci-fi chase move”, according to Shannon.

Can somebody please tell me who appointed Zoe Saldana as the PR lady for Guardians of the Galaxy? While the rest of her superhero co-stars have said absolutely zilch so far about their roles in Marvel’s upcoming space adventure, the Avatar actress, who will once again be playing an alien with different coloured skin (green instead of blue this time), just cannot seem to stop talking about it. And we love her for it!

Can you all please give a big warm welcome to Enzo Cilenti (Kick-Ass 2), who apparently has just discovered the internet for the first time. Much to Marvel’s usually strict PR policy’s dismay, the British actor revealed that he’s been cast in Guardians of the Galaxy when he posted the following cheeky tweet.

@EnzoCilenti: “I may or may not be in #Guardiansofthegalaxy. I am sworn to secrecy so can’t say. In entirely unrelated news, “I am”.”

A few minutes later, he probably realized that he wasn’t supposed to just blurt this out everywhere and deleted the tweet. Clearly he doesn’t know how the internet works though, as before he could erase all traces of the tweet, it had already been picked up by a number of publications. It’s uncertain which role Cilenti would play, but I’m sure we’ll find out more when the official press release from Marvel actually comes out.

Ever wonder how those incredible 3D sidewalk art pieces are created? Well this next video is going to show you. And it just so happens to be using everybody’s current favourite metalhead, Iron Man, to do it.


Last Updated: May 10, 2013

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