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Extras! Robots perform 007 theme, Ron Perlman drags it up, Emily Blunt laughs in Obama's face, Brad Pitt is Killing Them Softly and these are the 50 most hated films of all time?! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

I don’t think there is a day that goes by where I don’t stumble across something on the internet that reaffirms my faith in humanity. Unfortunately, I then read the comments on Youtube videos and immediately start planning for the self-inflicted Armageddon that’s right around the corner. But before that happens, for one brief shining moment, it becomes quite evident that people are indeed awesome.

Take for example the guys from Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, who instead of using their technical genius to enslave the rest of the Earth with their fully autonomous flying robot army of death, decided to use these robots the play the theme song to James Bond. Good choice.

You can find more about the project, including how they did it, over here.

Did you fall in manly love with the Drive soundtrack as much I did? Cliff Martinez’s work is just a breathtaking study in coolness and badassery. And in keeping with the film’s unconventional sensibilities, the Drive soundtrack will now be released on vinyl. All around the world, hipsters  just gleefully shrieked in unison.

I would love the hell out of a Dr Seuss Star Wars book. May the Lorax be with you? Somebody with money, make it so!

Still undecided on whether or not you want to watch The Hunger Games? Well, luckily for you Pajiba has a gallery of images depicting 13 Reasons Why You’ll Like The Hunger Games. And strangely enough, none of them are from the sizzling bikini shoot that star Jennifer Lawrence did for GQ.

There’s a new poster out for Frankie Goes Boom, the oddball film making it’s debut soon at the SXSW Film Festival, which features perennial tough guy Ron Perlman in… well, see he’s… what I mean to say is… you know what, just look for yourself. Just bear in mind, that it has a bit of NSFW language and a whole lot of NSFL (that’s Life) imagery.

“While trying to remove a compromising video from the internet, two brothers (Charlie Hunnam and Chris O’Dowd) visit a brilliant computer hacker named Phil (Ron Perlman). But when they get there, they discover that Phil is now Phyllis… and she has no intention of helping them for free.”

Bradd Pitt’s upcoming mob enforcer crime thriller Coogan’s Trade is undergoing a title change. It will now be known by the monniker Killing Them Softly. Wyclef Jean and Lauren Hill approves.

In all seriousness though, this looks like it could be a monster of movie. It’s being directed by Andrew Dominik (Chopper, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford), co stars Ray Liotta, James Gandolfini, Sam Shepard and Garret Dillahunt and is based on a novel by George V. Higgins.

As varied a career as he’s had, we’ve actually yet to see Pitt as the lead in a conventional action film. This could be his time to shine.

The book’s synopis reads as follows:

Jackie Cogan (Brad Pitt) is an enforcer, and when the mob’s rules get broken, Cogan is called in to take care of business. This time a high-stakes card game has been held up by an unknown gang of thugs. Calculating, ruthless, businesslike, and with a shrewd sense of other people’s weaknesses, Cogan plies his trade, moving among a variety of hoods, hangers-on, and big-timers, tracking those responsible, and returning “law and order” to the lawless Boston underworld.

Ah, it’s that age old story of “boy meets girl, boy happens to be US President, girl loses her mind, girl has to be escorted away”, as British actress Emily Blunt reveals to IMDB about a recent meeting with US President Barack Obama that didn’t quite go as planned:

“I’m from England so I didn’t think I would be as excited as I apparently was (to meet Obama), so I was like, he won’t know who I am, he’ll shake my hand and say, ‘Hi, nice to meet you’, move on.

I went to shake his hand and he turned to me, and he put his hand on top of mine and he went, ‘I love you. I love what you do, I’ve seen all of your work.’ And I started to laugh hysterically in his face and I didn’t say anything except I think I said, ‘I appreciate that’ or ‘I appreciate you’ or just something really awful and I couldn’t stop laughing!”

Her crazy laughter obviously had the officials worried about the threat of a chemical attack (they’ve watched Tim Burton’s Batman countless times), which resulted in them promptly getting her away from POTUS as fast as possible.

“I don’t know what happened, I’ve never fallen to pieces like that in front of anyone… So I got gently removed. I remember feeling a kinda firm grip on my arm as I was ushered away. And Michelle (Obama) gave my a hug, I think out of pity, because I was such a mess!”

Total Film is usually pretty level headed in their views, but not so much with this list of the 50 Most Hated Films of All Time that they recently posted. Honestly, while many of them rightly deserve not only a spot on that list, but also entries in school textbooks under the “Atrocities committed by man” section (Batman & Robin, Battlefield Earth come on down!), there are a few films there that are the target of nothing but unbridled and illogical fan boy hate.

Forrest Gump as the 3rd most hated film of all time? Avatar more hated than Catwoman? Excuse me, while I dig into my vast repertoire of witty graphical ripostes.

And finally, we end off today on something unofficial but nonetheless awesome. Some enterprising folks on the internet have gone and created a poster for the greatest film to never get made but still include a host of talented people and Michael Bay. I give you Movie: The Movie: The Poster!

Well, unfortunately that brings an end to the festivities for today. I’m off to go visit eyebleach.com to get that Ron Perlman image out of me head.

Oh and fellas, you can thank me later.

Last Updated: March 6, 2012


  1. Gavin Mannion

    March 6, 2012 at 16:34

    Dr Seus Star Wars…. you’ve just made my millenium.. falcon..

    okay I’ll leave now


  2. Justin Hess

    March 6, 2012 at 16:39

    That’s the most frightening Ron Perlman’s been since Beauty and The Beast. Also, Coogan’s Bluff is easily one of my most anticipated films of the year. 

    The original title was way cooler though. Killing Them Softly sounds like title that comes with rose petals in a handbag ferried by a My Little Pony across a glittering rainbow


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