Home Entertainment Extras! Arnie and Sly are chilling in The Tomb, Rosumand Pike heads to The World's End, Mary Steenburgen is going to Last Vegas, Sean Penn is Crazy for the Storm, First look at Russell Crowe as Noah, Keira Knightley is Mrs Jack Ryan and JCVD wants to show you his what? Plus much more!

Extras! Arnie and Sly are chilling in The Tomb, Rosumand Pike heads to The World's End, Mary Steenburgen is going to Last Vegas, Sean Penn is Crazy for the Storm, First look at Russell Crowe as Noah, Keira Knightley is Mrs Jack Ryan and JCVD wants to show you his what? Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

So you might have heard that there’s a new Bourne movie coming out. Did you know that there’s already a trailer out for the next film in the series, The Bourne Culmination? OK, so it is a fan-made trailer but it’s pretty well done, if you ask me.

Did you catch director Danny Boyle’s London Olympics closing ceremony last night? Did it also feel like you had just consumed a wheelbarrow full of LSD and then watched Spice World 15 times back to back? Well, then luckily for you, Bleeding Cool has created this handy guide to all the kooky British insanity you witnessed.

Oh Jean Claude Van Damme, you barely intelligible never-ending font of entertainment. JCVD spoke to Celebrity Fix where he revealed, like only JCVD can, that he and Street Fighter star Kylie Minogue had an on-set affair during the shooting of the movie.

“Yes. OK. Yes, yes, yes. It happened. I was in Thailand, we had an affair. Sweet kiss, beautiful lovemaking

It would be abnormal not to have had an affair, she’s so beautiful and she was there in front of me every day with a beautiful smile, simpatico, so charming, she wasn’t acting like a big star. I knew Thailand very well, so I showed her my Thailand. She’s a great lady.”

It may have been beautiful lovemaking for him, for Raul Julia, it was a Tuesday.

Speaking of JCVD, the Muscles from Brussels will of course soon be split-kicking his way through the cast of action man extravaganza The Expendables 2, a film that will probably be pretty light on the sweet lovemaking and pretty heavy on the people throwing motorcycles at attack choppers, as can be witnessed in this new clip from the film.

NBC has not been having the best time at the Olympics. The American broadcaster has taken a lot of flak for the decision to not air the Games live, due to the odd hours meaning less sponsor interest, but now they’ve made a whole new gaffe. During the games, when cameras showed The Social Network actor Jesse Eisenberg sitting in the crowd, the NBC commentators introduced him as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Now that’s method acting!

Did you know that United States President Barack Obama is not Spider-Man? I would have thought this common knowledge, but apparently First Lady Michele Obama had to educate some people while she was the guest of honour at a charity dinner held at Warner Bros chief Barry Meyer’s home.

If I could do, this line of text would have one of those silvery bits that you scratch off “lifestyle” magazines to reveal the naughty bits, as Film School Rejects takes a look at the 10 Hottest Sex Scenes on Film. Please note, they mean proper mainstream film, not that cellphone video you made last week.

And now to get those dirty thoughts out of your head, here’s the first official pic from The Tomb, showing off two of the manliest men to ever walk this planet.

Oh crap, that plan may just have backfired.

Whenever us film geeks need to look up a quick factoid to once again show off in front of friends, IMDB is inevitably the first port of call. The Internet Movie Database is probably the most reliable source of movie related facts, except of course when people deliberately try to troll the system. Like saying that The Dark Knight was once titled 2Batman2Furious.

English actress Rosamund Pike will be going on an epic pub crawl with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, as she’s joining the two in The World’s End, the third “part” in director Edgar Wright’s Blood and Ice Cream trilogy.

Looks like Keira Knightley won that bikini mud-wrestling fight (Hey, a guy can dream) with Evangeline Lily and Felicity Jones, as she’s emerged as the most likely choice to play the wife of Chris Pine’s Jack Ryan, in the film of the same name.

The Expendables aren’t the only group of grandpa’s having some fun around here, but they when it comes to accolades (that doesn’t involve blowing stuff up), they’re definitely being outclassed by director Jon Turteltaub’s Last Vegas, which sees Oscar winners Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline as four old buddies having one last wild night on the town. And now, they’ve got a fifth Oscar winner joining the mix, but this time bringing a little feminine wiles in the form of Mary Steenburgen. She will play a lounge singer who forms one third of a love triangle, with De Niro and Douglas taking up the other sides.

Apparently Russell Crowe is fighting the elements (as opposed to the telephones) over in Iceland, where he’s busy filming Darren Aranofsky’s Noah. We know this because he not only tweeted about it, but we also have our first look at the Australian actor in the title role.

@russellcrowe: “Monday,part of a scene I went for a dip in the ocean, I can’t describe the shock of cold,told this morning”most dangerous beach in Iceland”

@russellcrowe: “shivering glacial wind shakes the night, ash sheets the sky…time to sing a lullaby…night shem, night ham, night japheth #Noahudontknow

Yep, that is definitely the look of a man who has had it with this cold and wet weather.

Sean Penn will be getting back in the director’s chair for the Warner Bros survival tale, Crazy for the Storm, which adapts the true story of Norman Ollestad after he survived a plane crash and ended up stranded on a mountain.

So it probably comes as no surprise that I’m not exactly getting ready to camp on the sidewalk for tickets to a big screen adaptation of Twilight porn fan-fiction turned mega successful book, Fifty Shades of Grey. If they cast Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis in it though, I might just reconsider.

No wait, that sounded wrong. Oh crap, just watch the clip as the funnymen read passages from the book, which is unsurprisingly more painful due to bad writing than actually funny. That is until the duo start improvising.

Last Updated: August 13, 2012

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