Extras! Ryan Reynolds hears Voices, Voldemort checks into a hotel, Beyonce's star collapses, The Hobbit has a Crowded House, Andre Ovredal is Enormous, Darth Vader and Ghost Rider are outcasts and who really owns the rights to Marvel's characters? Plus much more!

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Following on the heels of Adele’s rather superb recently released theme song for Skyfall, here’s 007 minutes worth of Thomas Newman’s score for the film. Filmmusicreporter also has all the track listing details for the soundtrack, but be warned, some of the song titles may be a little bit spoilerific.

Despite the fact that Driven ( the sequel to James Sallis’ novel Drive, upon which this year’s supercool Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling movie is based) has already been sitting on the shelf for a while, you shouldn’t be expecting a sequel from Refn anytime soon. That doesn’t mean that Gosling’s character, Driver, won’t still be seen on our screens though, as Refn told the Evening Standard (via The Playlist).

“That is never going to happen. But the character of The Driver might return in another film. We’re playing with that idea. We’ll see what happens.”

Ralph Fiennes has joined the cast of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel. The actor will be up for the starring role, that it was long rumoured to have gone to Johnny Depp until Anderson himself recently dispelled that notion. It’s still not sure what the film will actually be about, but if it doesn’t feature at least one Hungarian hotel, I’d be gravely disappointed.

Screen Gems have snapped up the rights to develop an adaptation of Elizabeth Richard’s “Black City” young-adult fantasy series, the first book of which gets released next month. The tale tells of a city “where humans and Darklings are now separated by a high wall and tensions between the two races still simmer after a terrible war, sixteen-year-olds Ash Fisher, a half-blood Darkling, and Natalie Buchanan, a human and the daughter of the Emissary, meet and do the unthinkable–they fall in love” and now I need to find a place to quietly throw up.

Seriously. How much of this Twilight rip-off drivel are we going to have to sit through?

Entertainment Weekly has scored the scoop on the new poster for Hitchcock which looks like it could have have been the poster for one of the Master of Supense’s own films. They’ve also got a bit more details on the film’s plot calling it a “love story” between Hitchock and his wife of 53 years, Alma, played by Helen Mirren.

Annie Mumolo, best known for writing and starring in Bridesmaids, has been tapped by Fox 2000 to provide the script for a biopic about Joy Mangano, “a struggling Long Island single mom of three who became one of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs. Her salvation came with a self-wringing mop that became a HSN sensation and allowed Mangano to stop working three jobs to support her kids.”

Mumolo’s Bridesmaids co-star Rebel Wilson has also been keeping pretty busy, as she’s landed a deal with Universal for an original untitled comedy pitch, the details of which are still being kept under wraps. I’m sure that her recent scene stealing turn as “Fat Amy” opposite Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect helped quite a bit with that.

Ryan Reynolds will be starring in Persepolis director Marjane Satrapi’s psychological thriller, The Voices, which will see him as Jerry, a mild-mannered factory worker who secretly pines for the girl in Accounting. But when his infatuation with her takes a murderous turn, “Jerry’s evil talking cat and benevolent talking dog lead him down a fantastical path.”

Looks like I’m going to have to stock up on the pharmaceuticals before watching that one.

TheWrap is reporting that Hayden Christensen and Nicolas Cage will be starring in a new period feature titled Outcast. The film will be written James Dormer, scribe on many BBC series, directed by stuntman turned first time director Nick Powel and will be set in 10th century China and “follow a warrior who attempts to redeem himself by saving a princess.”

I can’t wait for this wooden-act off!

Joe Carnahan be sizzlin’, yo! The Grey director revealed his sizzle-reels for his failed Daredevil reboot pitch back in August, and now he’s unveiled another sizzle-reel for another collapsed project. This time around, it’s for the Walt Disney action thriller Gemini Man, which at one stage had Curtis Hanson directing and Jerry Bruckheimer producing.

The film would have followed an over-the-hill NSA assassin who wants to retire, forced to do battle against a younger clone of himself, sent after him by his old bosses. It’s an incredible premise, and one that had the likes of Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson and Sean Connery all attached to the project at one time or another. Judging from the scenes that Carnahan spliced together for the sizzle-reel, it’s clear that he wanted Clint Eastwood in the leading role, a choice I would also have fully endorsed.

Trollhunter director Andre Ovredal is certainly getting ambitious with his next project. He is teaming up with producer Adrian Askarieh for an adaptation of Tim Daniels’ comic, “Enormous”, which follows a woman trying to save lost children in a post-apocalyptic Earth where an ecological event has spawned gigantic beasts who destroyed human civilization. What makes this so ambitious, is that Ovredal plans to do this as a feature film, a TV show and a web series to explore different points of view in the story.

Seeing as how even Ron Howard couldn’t pull that off with a property as well known as Stephen King’s Dark Tower, I have a feeling that Ovredal might be over-extending just a tad on this one.

There’s a bit of a legal fracas brewing over at Marvel/Disney. The House of Mouse and Ideas is being sued by Stan Lee Media Inc, Marvel co-founding father Stan Lee’s old company. SLMI is alleging that when Lee sold his rights to a number of Marvel’s highest profile characters to Marvel in 2008, it was actually illegal as Lee had previously signed over the rights to SMLI back in 1998. SMLI had paid Lee in company shares for the rights, but the shares turned out to be worthless as the company filed for bankruptcy a short time later.

Now, SMLI is looking for a trial by jury and demanding an undisclosed percentage of the $5.5 billion dollars in profit that Disney has made off their Marvel properties.

Clint Eastwood’s version of A Star is Born –  the fourth time the film is being done – has just hit a rather large snag. Professional screecher Beyonce has dropped out of the leading female role, prompting a search for her replacement. Eastwood last indicated that the film was still 6 months away from shooting, so they still have some time.

Did you know that Tim Burton’s recently released Frankenweenie is actually an animated feature length remake of his own live action short film, that he did way back in 1984? Don’t believe me? Then, Doubting Thomas (biblical name-calling FTW), how about you actually check out the whole short film below, starring Daniel Stern and Shelley Duval.

Neil Finn, frontman for Crowded House (they’re an Australian band from the 80’s and 90’s who somehow are still topping charts in their native Oz, in case any of you whippersnappers under 20 were wondering) has managed to claw his way back from global obscurity, and will be providing the end credits song to Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Jounrney.

Talking about houses, the feature film adaptation of best selling videogame “Gears of War” is currently busy moving theirs. While the adaption has been brewing over at New Line Cinema since its announcement in 2007, “GoW” developers Epic Games have indicated that they are are currently meeting with producers, shopping around for a new studio to take over the property.

While most people are ready to spew vitriol the moment you mention Star Wars: Episode 1 – A Phantom Menace (JAAHJAAAAAABIIIIIIINKKS!) almost everybody has to admit, that fight between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul was kick-ass. Accompanying their crazy dance of death is of course “Duel of Fates”, one of the best pieces of music in composer John Williams’ Star Wars discography. And now you too can learn the lyrics.

Last Updated: October 10, 2012

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