Home Entertainment Extras! The Kingslayer is a god, Mia Wasikowska could swing in for Emma Stone, Carey Mulligan could be a First Lady, Will Smith won't be busting blocks anymore and Steven Segal is now a Russian gun salesman?! Plus much more!

Extras! The Kingslayer is a god, Mia Wasikowska could swing in for Emma Stone, Carey Mulligan could be a First Lady, Will Smith won't be busting blocks anymore and Steven Segal is now a Russian gun salesman?! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

If you don’t like movie posters, then you sure have come to the wrong place today. And, well, yesterday, the day before and frankly every single day you’ve ever come here. But especially today! As today we’ve got a whole bunch of new ones, starting with these two for Lee Daniels’ upcoming historical drama The Butler.

Disney is apparently being sued for a large chunk of the booty they made from their pirating ways. No, the House of Mouse are not suddenly employing people to sit with videocameras in cinemas, but rather an author by the name of Royce Matthews is suing Disney for millions as he claims that he came up with the idea used in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies of ghost pirates turning in skeletons when seen in sun/moonlight.

There’s nothing that’s quite as emotionally manipulative quite like little kids and cute animals, and this new poster for the upcoming TV series based on Stephen King’s Under the Dome is looking to work your heart-strings like a marionette.


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has quietly been making quite the name for himself, you know, besides from single-handedly (geddit?!)  rescuing ladies from bears in Game of Thrones. He’s had recent roles in both Mama and Oblivion, but he’s just signed on for his biggest one yet: Playing a god. The Danish actor is in talks to play the Egyptian god of the sky, Horus, in Alex “Dark City” Proyas’s upcoming fantasy adventure, Gods of Egypt, which will see Horus teaming up with the goddess of love, Hathor, and a human thief, to avenge the death of his (*snort*) god-father, Osiris.

We’ve got a new Red Band TV spot out for apocalyptic comedy, This is the End, that teaches us far more than I ever wanted/needed to know about Danny McBride’s penis.

It looks like The Amazing Spider-Man star Emma Stone has swung off of Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming haunted house story Crimson Peak due to some scheduling issues. But the position isn’t remaining vacant for long though as Stoker and Alice In Wonderland star and professional creepy girl Mia Wasikowska is apparently in talks to replace her in the role of “a young author named Edith Cushing who discovers that her charming new husband is not who he appears to be.”

Sticking with ladies who discover their husbands are up to no good, it looks like Hillary Rodham Clinton biopic, Rodham, has found its leading lady in Carey Mulligan. Though nothing is concrete at the moment, it looks like Shame star is the clear frontrunner at the moment to play the part of the young politician turned First Lady.

When I first saw this poster for upcoming horror flick Maniac, I thought “Oh wow, they’re adapting popular videogame franchise Uncharted” and then I remembered that hero Nathan Drake doesn’t do much scalping of women on his adventures. Oh Frodo, what have you been up to?


It looks like the complete shellacking that After Earth has taken at the Box Office as well as the limp wristed, pale white hands of film critics, has given star Will Smith a change of heart. The first box office dud since Wild Wild West for the last two decade’s most bankable hollywood star has apparently resulted in Smith rethinking this whole blockbuster thing.

“There’s something about making movies that just really gets me excited. I love people being wrapped in a story and being able to deliver that emotional punchline at the end.

“It’s been an absolute necessity that the movie be a blockbuster, but I think I’m going to start moving out of that and finding more danger in my artistic choices.”

Too bad he didn’t spot the danger of having M. Night Shakalaka-Boom-Boom direct his movie first.

Steven Segal has been many things in his life: Aikido master, action star, human whale, cockpuncher, mystic lawman and MMA guru. But even with that varied resume, his latest job is a bit of a surprise. After hanging out in Russia with the most badass president on the planet, Vladimir Putin, Segal has continued his Soviet dealings by becoming the American spokesperson for Russian weapons manufacturer, Kovrov.

“My friend Igor Kesayev [Owner of Kovrov] invited me here. On his request, I will feature in adverts for Kovrov weapons for the US. I trust Kesayev. Whatever’s put in my hands, I will advertise.”

And ever since Microsoft unveiled their new gaming console, the Xbox One, a couple weeks ago, the internet has been flooded with memes about the device’s autonomous functions, seemingly watching your every move and deciding what’s best for you. Sort of like another piece of talking hardware from a famed sci-fi movie by Stanley Kubrick.

“Open the disc tray, Hal!”

Last Updated: June 6, 2013

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