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Extras! The Muppets are most wanted, Adam Sandler greets ghosts, Arnie confirms he'll be back, Smurfy advertising and Robert Downey Jr makes children cry! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

We’ve already shown you one featurette focusing on the Jaegers from Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim, but I simply refuse to live in a world where there is such a thing as having too many videos discussing giant freaking robots. So there!

It looks like Marvel’s already started working on Phase 3 of the Cinematic Universe, as they’ve slated two unknown titles for May 6, 2016 and May 5, 2017 respectively. My guess? Doctor Strange and The Avengers 3.

Speaking of changes, The Muppets… Againhas pulled the ol’ title switcheroo and will now be known as Muppets Most Wanted, which ties a lot better into the film’s actual plot of them being chased across Europe by Interpol, instead of just saying that yes, this sequel will indeed have Muppets. Again.

While many of us older folk remember the days when Robert Downey Jr was known more as the prototype Charlie Sheen, just minus the tiger blood and success, there are many younger people out there who only know him sans self destructive tendencies as Iron Man. I mean, they really think he’s Iron Man. Case in point, RDJ was busy shooting a new movie in Melbourne when he ran into a mom and her toddler, the latter of which is apparently a huge Iron Man fan. So at the behest of the mom, RDJ agreed to meet and greet the little boy. To say that the little boy was a little upset to find out that Iron Man is actually just some guy in a golf shirt is a tad bit of an understatement.

‘He was fine [until] he talked to him. [He] was so confused because I kept telling him it was Iron Man and he knew it wasn’t. Well, not Iron Man in the suit.’


If you’ve been wondering what happening with Gareth Evans’ followup to the ass-kicking, neck-breaking action movie of the year for 2012, The Raid, well the director revealed on Twitter that work is starting on a trailer, so we should probably expect to see some violence soon.

@ghuwevans: “Started cutting a teaser for #TheRaid2Berandal – strange feeling looking back on 5 months worth of footage.”

Let nobody ever say Arnold Schwarzenegger is a liar. The man will indeed be back. As a Terminator. After much speculation on the matter, Arnie has finally confirmed that for Terminator 5 he will indeed be playing the part of the titular walking death machine. Among other things, he also revealed that shooting – with cameras, not guns from the future, I mean – will be kicking off just six months from now.

“In fact, I’m very happy that the studios want me to be in Terminator 5 and to star AS the Terminator, which we start shooting in January and I’m also going to do King Conan – to play that role and also to do another Twins movie. So I feel very proud of that. I feel very happy and I’m looking forward to doing those films.”

There are many people, mainly of the female variety, who enjoy looking at Ryan Gosling’s face. These people were probably not too happy with the first poster writer/director Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives, as that featured Gosling’s pretty boy visage after it had apparently lost a fight with a wood chipper. So to make up for that traumatising visual, here’s a new poster with the Gos back to his knee weakening self.


I always thought that Adam Sandler was not really funny, but now it looks like the only people willing to work with him are the dead. And Chris Columbus. Sandler has signed on to star in the Harry Potter director’s English language remake of the 2010 Korean supernatural comedy, Hello Ghostwhich follows a man who gains the power to see the dead after his own failed suicide attempt.

Now how about a little bit of hard truth? Disney Animated movies have a long history of hiding some pretty bad messages, and the guys over at TheFW have decided to highlight some of them.

I hope you like Smurfs, because you’re about to be bombarded with a whole lot of the tiny blue munchkins. A whoooooole lot. Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation have signed a deal with more than 100 partners, worth more than $150 million, to promote the upcoming The Smurfs 2. This is more than triple the advertising budget that was doled out for the the original 2011 film. This should leave the competition blue with envy.

And now, ladies and gentlemen and Darryn, I give you the greatest telephone conversation in movie history. Villiams!

Last Updated: June 14, 2013

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