Home Entertainment Extras! Welcome to Jurassic Park 3D, Clive Owen & Juliette Binoche make Words and Pictures, Sam Mendes passed on Avengers, Tim Robbins is the man under Hit-Girl and Catwoman, I spy a kid in not much clothing, and Did the internet just get Mark Wahlberg cast in Transformers 4? Plus much more!

Extras! Welcome to Jurassic Park 3D, Clive Owen & Juliette Binoche make Words and Pictures, Sam Mendes passed on Avengers, Tim Robbins is the man under Hit-Girl and Catwoman, I spy a kid in not much clothing, and Did the internet just get Mark Wahlberg cast in Transformers 4? Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

Another day, another Star Wars: Episode VII tidbit. Following on from Harrison Ford stating that he would be open to returning to the film franchise, Carrie Fischer has echoed his sentiments. Which is of course expected, as drugs aren’t cheap any more.

Wait, what? Remember how there was this rumour everywhere on the internet that Mark Wahlberg was going to be in Transformers 4, but then director Michael Bay came out and completely squashed it? Well, it looks like maybe he didn’t so much squash as he was inspired by it. Maybe. Kind of.

“I squashed a rumor that was on the internet last week. It was about Mark Walhberg. Mark was rumored to be starring in Transformers 4. We are working on another movie together, not T4. I had such a great time working with Mark on Pain and Gain, and he gave such a great performance – well let’s say that very internet chatter gave me some ideas. We are at the inception of our story process right now on T4. Let’s say some ideas are gaining traction with me and my writer – so I’m here to say thanks internet chatter.”

Okay, then…

20th Century Fox has done some schedule juggling and moved their Peanuts movie up from 25 November 2015  to 6 November 2015, which would have Charlie Brown and the gang going head to head to Edgar Wright’s Ant Man. The Seth Rogen starring animated film B.O.O: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations will also be abandoning 25 November 2015, to move up 2 months to 25 September 2015.

Possibly due to the fact that my ears are still ringing from the Linkin Park concert last night, I may have missed the message that today is New Poster Release Day, as a bunch of new ones have popped up online. This new one for World War Z is easily the worst of the lot. I understand teaser posters trying to be all mysterious and provocative, but if I was somebody who had never heard of this movie or Max Brooks’ novel, I’d swear that Brad Pitt is about to star in a movie about a war between Zorro’s of different nationalities. Incidentally, that is a movie I would pay to see.

Fellow SNL alums Kristen Wig and Bill Hader will team up for the indie comedy, The Skeleton Twins, which will see them as estranged twin siblings who reconnect after both of them nearly die on the same day. Craig Johnson will be directing the script which he co-wrote with Black Swan scribe Mark Heyman.

If you A Good Day to Die Hard‘s “Yippie Ki-Yay Mother Russia!” tagline got a chuckle out of you, then you may need to go check out Empire’s list of Best/Worst Movie Tagline Jokes. Volcano‘s “The Coast is Toast” causes me physical pain.

In the first step to prove that no, he wasn’t kidding, he really is doing this, here’s the newly released poster for Steven Spielberg’s proposed 2013 3D re-release of his 1993 classic Jurassic Park. As much as I detest the technology, if there was ever a film that could actually benefit from some 3D-fication, it’s Jurassic Park. Just imagine the effect of that T-Rex/Jeep chase scene!

Director Sam Mendes has already hit it big this year with James Bond’s latest film, Skyfall, but he may have done a completely different blockbuster this year: The Avengers. That’s right, Mendes was one of a group of directors that were offered the gig before Joss Whedon eventually claimed it. There was just one slight, teeny weenie little problem. They couldn’t actually tell him what the movie was going to be about.

“With a lot of these movies, the date’s announced before anything exists, let alone a script. The funniest letter I got — they were sending [a packet for] The Avengers, right? For directors to pitch — and I got a package, which was full of comic books, but no treatment; there was no script. But the cover letter said ‘Marvel’s Avengers will be released on May 3, 2012′ or whatever it was. That was the first sentence of the cover letter. Not, ‘We have the pleasure of enclosing the materials …’ or ‘Here is the script for …’ But the release date. That was the first sentence.”

“No. I wasn’t interested. I mean, that’s not my world particularly. I’ll go see it, particularly with my kids, but I didn’t want to make it. But I was probably one of 50 that got sent it; they didn’t target me specifically.”

While Mendes is a fantastic director, he certainly was an odd choice for an effects-heavy comic book movie. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d rather not watch a movie about Hulk watching a plastic bag get blown around in the wind.

New poster for Katherine Bigelow’s Hunt for Osama Bin Laden movie Zero Dark Thirty, just reminds of the title thrown in with some shots from the trailer.

Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche will be starring in Words and Pictures, which is not a bad euphemism for films, but rather a new romantic drama from director Fred Schepisi (Six Degrees of Separation, Roxanne) and screenwriter Gerald DePigo (Phenomenon, Message In a Bottle). The film will be set “at an elite, insular New England prep school where a charismatic English teacher (Owen) and an intensely private art teacher (Binoche) create an improbable relationship, then proceed to complicate their lives with romance.”

Nope. This is definitely not the same little girl from Spy Kids. No siree. When a now very grown up Alexa Vega teased that her costume for her Machete Kills character, Killjoy, was going to be sexy, I don’t think we expected this much. Or this little, as it were.

Oscar nominated director/actor Tim Robbins will direct and star opposite Michelle Pfeifer and Chloe Moretz in Man Under, a new drama from screenwriter Ann Cherkis (The Secret) that sees a New York family’s get turned upside down, when they become overnight celebrities due to the NY Museum of Modern Art displaying photographs of them as part of an exhibit. Don’t you guys just hate it when that happens?

And to end today… With all the cries of how Star Wars is now going to be Disneyfied, it was really just a matter of time before somebody made this video, so take it away Screen Junkies with the Disney Star Wars Auditions.

Last Updated: November 8, 2012

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