Home Entertainment Extras! Will Gluck will try to find Agatha, Leia was just joking, First Man of Steel review, M83 rides some Starwaves, Hulk smash Hulk movie rumours and Me Tarzan, you Jessica Chastain? Plus much more!

Extras! Will Gluck will try to find Agatha, Leia was just joking, First Man of Steel review, M83 rides some Starwaves, Hulk smash Hulk movie rumours and Me Tarzan, you Jessica Chastain? Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

So have you guys checked out that amazing new Iron Man 3 trailer yet? No, not this one! (though you probably should go watch that one over and over, as I hear it does wonders for an iregular digestive system) I’m talking about this incredible shot for shot, homemade remake of the Iron Man 3 trailer.

Oh and bee-tee-dubs, if you’re sick of Iron Man 3 news, then you may want to skip today’s Extras. There’s going to be a lot of it.

Look, in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the first leaked review for Man of Steel! While thus far the very positive buzz around Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot has been resigned to tweets or small bullet points, a member of the NeoGaf forums has gone and posted a full length review of the film. He’s been kind enough to black out all the spoilery bits, so it’s pretty safe to go read, but if you still haven’t leaned to trust anybody that isn’t your mother, then here’s the gist of it: It’s incredible, hewing very close to Batman Begins in tone and texture, except for the crazy OTT action sequences, with Henry Cavill giving an amazing rendition of Clark/Supes. The only negatives the reviewer can level at the film is that Lois/Clark relationship is given a bit of a flimsy treatment, but other than that he/she claims it’s one of the best superhero movies ever made.

We’ve known for a while now that Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 script would be borrowing quite heavily from Warren Ellis’ acclaimed “Extremis” comics book arc that saw Tony upgrade not just his armour but his entire physiology with a dangerous medical treatment that allowed him to rewrite his own DNA to the point that armour and body essentially becomes one. Based on the trailers and images we’ve seen though, it’s clear that Black isn’t copying that verbatim, and speaking to SFX Magazine he revealed just how he’s done this movie version of Extremis.

“In the Extremis comic book, there’s a type of thing that takes over and basically upgrades DNA. Sometimes you die. But if you live through the experience then you come out this changed thing. But the way they do it is the guy that does it is not some man chosen to be the super soldier – he’s just a militia guy. There’s an element of realism to it as well. So what we’ve tried to do is take this very science-fictiony concept of super people, and ground it in the type of people who volunteer for this being not necessarily super villains, but just people who upgrade. I love the idea of a super villain that doesn’t wear a cape, that doesn’t wear a super suit. That goes around dressed as you are right now. As for the science of it, once again we’ve gone back to the comic books, and I think pretty much lifted the Maya Hensen idea, that she met [Tony] long ago and had the germ of an idea, which now has come to fruition full circle, but she’s afraid because it’s gotten out there. And we go from there. I think you’ll be interested in the effect that we generate to demonstrate what Extremis does to a human being. It’s a pretty interesting special effect. But we’ve deliberately stayed away from defining, ‘Oh it’s nanites.’ What we do keep from the comic is the idea that there’s a slot in the brain that seems to have been dormant, but exists in human beings, almost as though it’s waiting for human beings to find a way to fill it. It’s been there forever.”

Oh, hey! A new Iron Man 3 poster. One where Tony actually cares about somebody else besides him and his beard!

One of my favourite real world mysteries has to be the disappearance of Agatha Christie (Duhn duhn DUHHNNN!). The acclaimed novelist famously disappeared without a trace in 1926 after her husband revealed to her that he was in love with another women. She was eventually found in an English hotel 11 days later, pretending to be a lady from Cape Town (seriously) but she never revealed what had happened to her during the previous 10 days.

There have been many sensational theories as to what happened to her (though it was probably just a case of “Sure I’ll have another tequila to drown my sorrows. What’s the worst that could happen?”) and now we’re going to get another courtesy of Will Gluck. The Easy A and Friends With Benefits director will be helming a new film titled Agatha, penned by Mean Girls 2 scribe Allison Schroeder, that will take an action adventure angle with Christie’s missing days.

It’s been all quiet on the King of the Jungle front for a while now when it comes to Harry Potter director David Yates’ proposed Tarzan flick. Last we heard, Yates was thinking of either Alexander Skarsgard (my personal pick), Henry Cavill, Charlie Hunman or Tom Hardy for the titular role. Whether they were thinking about it right back at him is another matter entirely, but at least now it seems as if he may have found his Jane.

The New York Post is reporting that Oscar nominated actress and possibly the busiest lady in Hollywood, Jessica Chastain, is looking to swing into the picture. I think she’s a great choice for Jane, but with the amount of movies she’s set to make, I have no idea where she’d even find the time.

The Post also offered the first hints as to what the Stephen Sommers (The Mummy 1 & 2, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra) and Stuart Beattie (Tomorrow When the War Began, I Frankenstein) penned take on the Edgar Rice Burrough’s classic character would actually be about.

“In this story, the jungle boy is fully assimilated to life in London when Queen Victoria asks him to investigate troubles in the Congo.”

Wait, so Tarzan is a British lackey in a loin cloth now?

Apparently all those times when you peed yourself in sheer terror due to [INSERT TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE HERE], you were simply making the wrong choice. Thanks for that bit of advice, makers of this new poster for Will and Jaden Smith’s After Earth! You guys should get a day-time talk show!

JJ Abrams is a man with fingers in many geek flavoured pies. Well he can apparently now add “Iron Man 3” flavour to his collection as well, as according to star Robert Downey Jr., he was the guy that Marvel turned to when they got a little stuck with the film’s last act.

There were a couple times in Iron Man 3 where our lifeline was we’d call Jon Favreau. ‘What do we do?’ He’d be like, ‘Stick with this. Stick with the love story,’ or whatever. Then he’d say, ‘Wait, didn’t we used to do this same thing with Shane?’ Because we reached out to Shane a bunch, particularly in the first Iron Man.

Then I think we reached out to J.J. Abrams at one point when we were really confused in Act III, and he helped us, too. It’s just interesting. Usually you think, in the legacy of filmmakers that come and go, there’s something so evocative about how strange it is that this particular strain of the Marvel universe was so successful, so what are the reasons for that and how do we keep that vital and just have fun?”

So remember how Carrie Fisher confirmed the other day that she would be indeed reprising her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars: Episode VII, and all the fanboys got all giddy? Yeah, about that…

 “She was joking. Nothing has been announced.”

That was Fisher’s rep talking to CNN about her involvement. The same rep who needs to pry the wine glass out of Ms Fisher’s hand, sit her down, and explain to her that you don’t f—king joke about Star Wars!

Irrespective of what you might have thought of Joseph Kosinski’s Tron: Legacy as a film, Daft Punk’s soundtrack – or as we here at The Movies like to call it: The Great Oscar Snub of 2010 – was a thing of electronic and orchestral genius. As such, fellow French electro duo M83 have a lot to live up to with their score for Kosinski’s new sci-fi spectacular, Oblivion. And judging by this newly released track from the album, the Zimmer-esque “Starwaves”, they’re certainly off to a good start.

Fresh on the heels of Joss Whedon crushing our Planet Hulk dreams, along comes the green eyed monster himself, Mark Ruffalo, to rub some gamma irradiated salt in the wounds.

“A lot of folks have been asking about the Next Hulk. The next time you see my Hulk it will be in The Avengers 2. No plans for stand alone.”

“I am not giving up on another stand alone HULK. But it’s not in the works right now. One never knows what the future will bring.”

Seems like Anna Hathaway is born to be catty. She most recently donned the latex and stilettos (how the hell did could she fight in those?!) as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman in Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, but if Sam Raimi had had his way, we would have seen her play another famous comic book cat burglar, Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat, way back in the Spider-Man 4 that he never got to make.

“I loved what she was doing with the auditions for ‘Spider-Man 4’ …I didn’t get to see ‘Batman’ yet, because I’ve been working nonstop on ‘Oz’, but I hear she’s great in it.”

Raimi also revealed just what the frostmourne happened with him doing that World of Warcraft movie.

“First, they asked me if I wanted to make it, and I said, ‘Yes, I love World of Warcraft, and I think it would make a great picture.’ So I read a screenplay they had that was written by the guys at Blizzard, and it didn’t quite work for me. I told them I wanted to make my own original story with Robert, so we pitched it to Legendary and they accepted it, and then we pitched it to Blizzard, and they had reservations, but they accepted it. Then Robert wrote the screenplay, and only once he was done did we realize that Blizzard had veto power, and we didn’t know that. And they had never quite approved the original story we pitched them. Those reservations were their way of saying, ‘We don’t approve this story, and we want to go a different way,’ so after we had spent nine months working on this thing, we basically had to start over.”

Many of life’s greatest questions will probably always remain a mystery to us: “Is there really a higher power?”, “Do we have souls?” and “Why do cashiers at Pick n Pay and Checkers always hand me my change back with the coins resting on top of the notes, when they know that makes it more difficult to put in my wallet?” Luckily for us though, one of the big burning ones just got answered: “What would Star Wars: Episode 7 look like if it was directed by Amour‘s Michael Haneke?”

Last Updated: March 7, 2013

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