Home Entertainment Extras! Without John Carter there'd be no Star Wars, The Academy is very old, very white and very male, Robert Downey Jr could have been Lex Luthor and Road House gets all punchy! Plus much more!

Extras! Without John Carter there'd be no Star Wars, The Academy is very old, very white and very male, Robert Downey Jr could have been Lex Luthor and Road House gets all punchy! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

IGN has a brilliant article up entitled Without John Carter There Would Be No Star Wars, which explains how the 100 year old Carter stories are the literary inspiration for most of what we take for granted in science fiction today. Some of the biggest sci-fi franchises were not just influenced by it, they outright copied entire set pieces from Burroughs’ original stories.

I don’t know about you guys, but for my next birthday, I’m having me some Ghostbusters cake:

Just remember when you’re making it to never cross the streams!

Tron: Legacy and Voltron t-shirt mashup entitled Vol-TRON? Just take my money now! Take it all!

Once upon a time, before Bryan Singer showcased everybody’s favourite Kryptonian’s ability to do nothing but lift things in Superman Returns, another Superman reboot was in the works. No, not that nightmare inducing Tim Burton/Nic Cage version. This was to be directed by McG off a script written by JJ Abrams. Now, in an interview with The Playlist, the Charlie’s Angels director reveals some of the casting choices they had made for that movie.

“We had Robert Downey Jr. locked up to be Lex Luthor, which I think would have been extraordinary.”

Now remember, this was a good few years before Jon Favreau reignited RDJ’s career with Iron Man and based on his box office domination since then, you can’t help but wonder at how awesome that might have bee.

Coincidentally, McG’s choice for Superman is an awfully familiar one:

“Ironically, we liked Henry Cavill a lot, but we hadn’t cast him yet.”

Seems like it’s Mr Cavill’s destiny to play ol’ Captain Underpants-On-The-Outside.

There’s a new poster out for Piranha 3DD and despite my utter aversion to the first pile of steaming chum film, I have to admit that the tagline to this new poster is sobad that it’s gone full circle to being good again. Well, maybe not good but at least funny. Well, funny in a chee- Ah, who am I kidding, this movie is probably going to suck and will only be seen for the gratuitously naked chicks and Gary Busey’s crazy eyes.

The LA Times released a report this past weekend on the demographical make-up of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and it’s been revealed that the organization’s 5,765 voting members are mainly old, white males.

In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue.

Even before these stats were officially released, even if you had never seen a picture or description of The Academy you could easily have figured out their make up. Because lets face it, I don’t think The King’s Speech and The Iron Lady are very high on the list of must-see films for teenage Hispanic girls.

Patrick Swayze’s Road House is a bit of a weird film. Filled with wall to wall A-grade cheddar, it also happens to feature Patrick Swayze as a surprisingly effective hand to hand (or is that hand to throat?) combatant. I’m guessing that after Baby got pushed into enough corners, Mr Swayze figured out that plain dance moves were not going to cut it, so he upgraded to street fighter level.

Well, if you haven’t seen the movie, then you can send a warm thank you to Red Letter Media for compiling this clip of all the best parts of the film. Unsurprisingly, the best parts are merely of people getting punched in the face. A lot.

And that’s it for me, folks. That Road House clip has made me realize that I am clearly far behind on my quota of people I have punched in my life. This will have to be remedied immediately. I am a reasonable guy though, so if I encounter you on the street, you can choose. Head or gut.

Last Updated: February 21, 2012

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