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FABLES is headed to the big screen

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Comics are no longer just for kids these days. With titles such as Chew, Invincible and the Sandman having long ago proven that the medium can mature, it’s seen an influx of other ideas over the years. One such more mature series, but derived from children’s tales, is Fables.

With a premise that was ripped off by Once Upon A Time and Grimm, it tells the tale of fairy tale characters forced to flee to this mundane world of ours. And it looks like that comic book series is headed to the big screen.


Fables happens to have been tied up in various deals now for years, but it may have finally escaped from development hell. THR reports that the Harry Potter film series producers, David Heyman and Jeffrey Clifford have brought current Fantastic Four movie reboot writer Jeremy Slater to do some scripting, and have secured Nikolaj “A Royal Affair” Arcel to direct.

And as much as I like the idea of Fables hitting the big screen, I can’t help but wish that it had made it to television instead, over Once Upon A Time. Fables is currently strecthing over a hundred issues, with a storyline that touches on fairy tales from all cultures and genres, as the Fables community looks for a way back to their homeland which was stolen from them by the Adversary.

That’s a massive scope, that cannot be easily tackled by just one movie. But there’s no harm in trying.

Last Updated: June 5, 2013

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