FDR: American Badass! redband trailer – What the….

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In what is clearly an outright cash-in attempt after the production of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, a trailer for a new film has surfaced that makes even Wayans Brothers movies look high brow art. FDR: American Badass! is an ultra low budget affair that features veteran TV actor Barry Bostwick as polio-stricken and foul-mouthed American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who uses his wheelchair of death to hunt down Nazi werewolves during World War II. Seriously.

Here’s the brain-melting redband (NSFW) trailer:


me must say sory for trailer which makign yous stupider after watching. me prommise to never do dat to your inntelijunsintellagenz brain again.

ha ha me farted.

Last Updated: January 18, 2012

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