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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD in this first trailer for the newly titled spinoff series

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Although The Walking Dead TV series has often deviated quite a bit from its source material, as a comic book reader I could always still maintain a smug sense of superiority having a rough idea of what’s coming up. But now AMC has gone and taken that away – damn it, I was just starting to enjoy it – with a new companion series the title of which has just been announced by creator Robert Kirman!

Wait, Fear the Walking Dead? That’s what they went with? Yeesh.

Terrible titles aside though, Fear the Walking Dead has a very intriguing premise: showing us how this entire zombie apocalypse actually started. This is ground that has never been covered in the comic book or existing TV series (if you recall, everything has already gone to hell when Rick wakes up from his coma in the beginning), so it adds an air of the unexpected to the show. Not that the current series lacks in surprises, based on this past season’s shocking body count.

The season finale aired in the States last night, and during the broadcast the first (very brief) teaser trailer for Fear the Walking Dead was shown. It’s only 15 seconds long and doesn’t really reveal much, but helps to give us the first glimpse into this pre-zombie world and how nonchalantly they reacted to the outbreak.

PLEASE NOTE: this trailer is location-locked (Why, AMC? WHY?!), so just use something like Proxtube to bypass the regional restrictions.

They may not be present in that short little teaser, but Fear the Walking Dead stars a whole new cast led by Cliff Curtis as Sean Cabrera, a divorced teacher and father to an unruly teenager, and Kim Dickens as Nancy, Sean’s guidance counselor girlfriend with two kids of her own – Alicia Debnam Carey’s Ashley, a preppy and ambitious young girl with big college dreams, and Frank Dillane’s Nick, her druggie deadbeat brother.


AMC have already greenlit two seasons of Fear the Walking Dead, with a 6-episode first season debuting in the middle of the year and the second season airing some time in 2016. It is expected that at some point this companion series will eventually catch up to the timeline of Walking Dead, and then we may see some sort of crossover happening.

Last Updated: March 30, 2015

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