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First 'not official' DEADPOOL 2 poster hits the sh***er

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Anyone who reads from this site knows I have a man crush on Chris Pratt. He rocks, he has a walkman, and he is StarOMGLord. However, not many know that I harbour another man crush in the form of Ryan Reynolds, even before his second casting as Deadpool.

I’ve always respected him for sticking to his guns, even when the world seemed to shout ‘An R-Rated Marvel movie, are you HIGH?!’. He probably would have replied, ‘Yes, AND?’. Well after the phenomenal success (a success that seems many want to emulate) of Deadpool you have to be Trevor-level ‘smart’ if you think a sequel wouldn’t already be in the pipeline. We’ve known for a while there is a bun in the proverbial oven, an upcoming sequel, especially after such a massive release…

Trust Reynolds to get the chatter going with what Theplaylist.net calls an ‘unofficial’ post(er) from his Instagram account of a ‘poster’ for the sequel… WHAT?! I saw this earlier and after making excuses to leave my important office meeting jumped for joy:

We may not have the release, explosive, coming soon, actual date of the follow up but it’s good to know that the first of much tomfoolery from Reynolds has already started.

deadpool 2 insta

Oh to wish upon a star that Wolverine and Xavier would form a major part of the second movie. I highly doubt it though. Reynolds has already made it clear he wants an X-Force movie sometime down the line but screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have said not for the sequel.

All I can say is my body is ready for another Tim Miller-Directed movie that makes me smile from beginning to end.

Last Updated: July 7, 2016

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