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First images and plot details for Amazon’s Utopia series revealed

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HBO and Netflix may get most of the spotlight when it comes to popular TV series debuts, but with far bigger budgets and big properties coming their way, Amazon arguably has the bigger series in development outside of its already strong line-up of original content.

One of those highly anticipated series is Utopia. Adapted from a 2013 UK series of the same name but with an even bigger focus on government conspiracies, Utopia follows Ian (Dan Byrd), Wilson (Desmin Borges), Samantha (Jessica Rothe), and Becky (Ashleigh Lathrop), as a group of comic book nerds who are part of an online forum that meets up to discuss the fictional graphic novel Dystopia.

By arranging to meet in person at a convention that will offer a sneak peek at Dystopia’s sequel, Utopia, the group finds themselves hunted by trained assassins attempting to stop anyone from reading the story. Help arrives for the gang when Jessica Hyde (Sasha Lane), the protagonist from the comic-book series, shows up in an attempt to save her missing father and reveals that Utopia may hold the answers to their survival. A plot outlined that was revealed by /Film, along with some first images for the series:

It’s an interesting premise that could also easily relate to many fans who feel incredibly attached to their favourite works of fiction. The series was initially supposed to be adapted by David Fincher for HBO, but the project was sent to Amazon Studios due to budget issues. Something which Amazon’s supersized wallet is perhaps better suited for. Instead, Gillian Flynn (who wrote Fincher’s Gone Girl), who will serve as the writer and showrunner of the series.

Utopia also stars John Cusack as Kevin Christie, a billionaire philanthropist, and Rainn Wilson as Dr Michael Stearns. These pics alone don’t look too spectacular, but with a big budget, great cast and bold ambition, this could be another killer series for Amazon when it releases.

Last Updated: July 22, 2020

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