First official picture from SHERLOCK season 4

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Remember that show that everyone talked about? That really really good one? With whatshisface and the other guy? Yeah, it’s been a flipping age since we had the mighty awesome Sherlock to watch. In fact the last time I saw it I was single. Now I have three children who have all graduated from university and two of whom have their own kids. Sigh, it’s been a while. Still now that the first official picture of season 4 has been released I fear the actors feel this way too! Behold, the smartest man alive and his grey-haired friend Watson!


Posted on their Facebook account I think it’s a rather smart looking picture. You have Benedict Kahnberbatch Cumberbatch in his titular role as Sherlock Holmes only this time he looks a little less cocky, possible due to what happened at the end of season 3 (you literally have no excuse to not know what that is). Watson, played by Hollywood hot property Martin Freeman looks, well, frigging OLD. Then again it could be the stress he has gone through with his odd friendship with Holmes! Of course both actors have had no time in their busy schedules to film season 4, what with Cumberbatch filming Doctor Strange and Freeman just wrapping up his smaller role in Captain America.

I have a particular fondness for this show, as unbelievable as it is, and have truly missed it. I even tried replacing it with that Elementary American version which was like replacing a hardcore nicotine addiction with those pretend candy cigarettes.

Mark Gattis, who plays Holmes’ brother Mycroft, reportedly told BBC Breakfast a few days ago that season four’s filming had wrapped up and that we could expect it sometime early next year. He also said it’s the best season to date:

It’ll be on, probably at the beginning of next year when it usually is. We’re very excited about it. I think it’s the best one we’ve done, it’s very big chewy stuff, meaty. Lots of big life changing things happen in it and all kinds of non-specific things like that I can say about it.

Damn it man! Tell me more! Well, we will just have to bite down on the candy until the real version of Holmes returns (trololo!)


Last Updated: September 1, 2016

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