Here's the first trailer for the LIMITLESS TV series, with some extra Bradley Cooper!

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I absolutely loved Neil Burger’s 2011 Limitless, because as someone who has to deal with Darryn and Trevor on a daily basis, a drug that could ‘cure’ them made a whole lot of sense. I’m not so sure that making it into a television series does though.

That being said the new CBS series has managed to snag the rather awesome recent Best Actor Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper (American Sniper) to appear as a regular which can’t be a bad thing. The other good thing is that he is actually reprising his role from the original movie as Eddie Morra, the unsuspecting chap who took some acid NZT and went all Lucy on us, only by now he is a senator with a secret mission (or something).

Sadly he isn’t the lead in the series, instead that goes to the equally capable Jake McDorman (coincidentally also in American Sniper) who plays Brian Finch. After a meeting with Morra, Finch finds himself coerced into working for the FBI in an attempt to find who is murdering other people who are taking the drug.

Now while I liked the movie I am still not convinced this will work well on TV in an episodic format but that may be because I am a bit jaded with all the movie to TV and visa versa projects out there. Limitless (the TV SHOW!) has the brilliant Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) as the FBI lead who first catches Finch so her talents may be worth watching in of itself. Have a watch for yourself and tell me if I am being too cynical:

The first episode of Limitless is directed by Marc Webb (The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2) and is expected to land in the US of A in autumn.

Last Updated: May 14, 2015

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