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This first trailer for PASSENGERS cleans up well!

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My love appreciation of Chris Pratt is pretty well known around these parts and after this first trailer for Passengers I need to sit down. Damn he, she, they, it looks good. It also has what’s her name? Oh, Jennifer Lawrence, an actor who is making MORE than the male she is staring opposite (some 20 million plus 30% of the profits to his 12 million). At first glance the film looks like a mixture of Solaris, Interstellar and Gravity that also just happens to feature two of the hottest actors around… what could go wrong? Everything of course.

Passengers is directed by Morten Tyldum of the Imitation Game fame and is based on a script that has literally won an award for NOT being made into a movie. Yes, you read that right. In Hollywood there is something called a Black List (nothing to do with James Spader) which is basically a list of great scripts that haven’t been made into movies but still win prizes for being great.

The script is written by Jon Spaihts of Prometheus fame which is why I say everything can go wrong with a movie that LOOKS awesome, but may turn out to be absolutely bloody silly. However, I am cautiously optimistic with this just because Lord Pratt is in it. As with many trailers that come out these days, I am pretty damn sure the ending is in here, but only about half of it, so be warned!

So what’s it about? Well how can you get two totally hot people to hit it off without the use of Tinder? Simple, you stick them on a spaceship heading to a new world on a 120 year voyage only to have things go horribly wrong forcing these ‘star-crossed lovers’ to deal with adversity and stupidly good looks. Or:

Awakened from suspended animation 90 years too soon, two space travelers (Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt) must find a way to save the other 5,000 passengers aboard their endangered ship.

That does look rather awesome, no?! I mean, a Michael Sheen barman robot thingy?! I’ll take 5 please! What’s a bet he goes postal ala ‘I’m sorry Dave I’m afraid I cannot do that’.  Also joining the ridiculously hot leads are Laurence Fishburne and Aurora Perrineau, so the cast is pretty solid.

The movie will land (hopefully with an intact hull) 23 December and you all better get behind me because he’s MINE!

Last Updated: September 20, 2016


  1. This looks awesome.
    Drowning in a zero gravity water puddle….never seen that!


    • RinceThis

      September 20, 2016 at 15:32

      I know hey!? I want to drown like that! Preferably with Jennifer Lawrence to keep my company… I don’t need long 0-O


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