Foul-mouthed and homicidal children rejoice! Universal in talks to distribute Kick-Ass 2!

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It’s been touch and go for a while, but it looks like comic book artist John Romita Jr’s hasn’t just been sniffing his own ink too long and that his claims that the sequel to 2010 cult hit Kick-Ass is finally moving forward, is actually coming true. THR is reporting that Matthew Vaughn, who directed, produced and self-financed the hardcore comic book adaptation, is currently in negotiations with Universal Studios about a distribution deal for the follow-up.

It’s been confirmed though that Vaughn will only be on scripting duties this time around, with Never Back Down director, Jeff Wadlow, being handed the task of getting behind the camera.

Kick-Ass co-creator Mark Millar tweeted about the addition of Wadlow earlier:

“Jeff Wadlow was hand-picked by Vaughn and had been selected to direct that Liam Neeson flick One-Stop. Trust Vaughn. He has a great eye.”

Lionsgate distributed the first movie, which saw Aaron Johnson (the titular Kick-Ass) as a comic-book geek turned costumed vigilante going up against the mob with the help of Chloe Moretz (the ultra-violent and foul mouthed Hit Girl). The R-Rated film was produced for just a meagre $30 million but eventually went on to gross $96 million worldwide. That may seem like chump change in comparison to this other comic book movie you may have heard of, but last time I checked, Captain America was far more marketable than a purple-haired 12-year old girl filleting drug dealers with a butterfly knife and using language that would make Joe Pesci blush.

Vaughn’s script will be a combination of Millar and Romita’s follow-up Kick-Ass 2 mini-series, as well as the Hit Girl solo spin-off comic book, which will only be launching next month. Christopher Mintz-Plasse, whose villainous Red Mist was one of the few characters to survive the blood soaked carnage (A jetpack! With mini-guns!) of the previous film’s finale, is also expected to be reprising his role along with Johnson and Moretz, and if everything comes together quickly on the negotiations, production will be expected to commence in September.

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Last Updated: May 9, 2012

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