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Fox is rebooting PREDATOR with Shane Black attached to direct

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And now for something completely reboot! There are a ton of projects getting remakes right now in Hollywood, with most of them being stuck in development hell due to the fact that they sound awful. One other vintage franchise getting the remake treatment? Predator.

The cult classic 1980’s flick is currently being re-developed, and it’s now under the watchful eye of Shane “Iron Man 3” Black, who actually happens to have a rather deep connection with the original flick, due to the fact that Black was offered not only a chance to rewrite the original film several times, but that he actually wound up acting in it, as the soon-to-be-murdered-by-an-invisible-space-monster Hawkins. For the reboot, Black will write the initial script before handing it over to his pal Fred “Monster Squad” Dekker. From that point on, Black will supervise the script and direct the film.

Predator (2)

Original Predator producer John Davis is also returning, to resume production duties. Predator has always been a great franchise, but one that has a very hit and miss record. The first two films were brilliant, I was suckered by the sci-fi channel into believing that I was watching an actual third film as a kid and then the Aliens vs Predator wave hit. Those crossovers weren’t bad, but they could have been better.

The last film starring the Yautja menace was Predators, which was actually a pretty decent return to form for the franchise. Should be interesting to see if Black can take the franchise in a new direction of interstellar hunting terror. Also,he  must give Jean Claude Van Damme a ring. By now, I’m certain that he is finally willing to be in a Predator movie.

Last Updated: June 25, 2014

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