FOX wants an R-rated Wolverine 3 movie

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Thanks to Deadpool, we’re living in an age where movie studios are starting to realise that a PG-13 movie rating doesn’t guarantee a box office success. Maybe having a flick where your main character looks like the bastard son of a burn victim and the Grand Canyon isn’t such a bad idea after all. Anyway you look at it however, Deadpool was risky business for film studio 20th Century Fox.

This was a film with a a character that was relatively unknown outside of comics, featured leading man heartthrob Ryan Reynolds under a mask most of the time and was a tad bit gorier than the usual comic book movie fare. That, and it cussed worse than R Lee Ermey’s deleted scenes from Full Metal Jacket.

And it worked. It freakin’ worked, earning fat stacks of coin at the box office. You could say that audiences were starved for something different on the superhero buffet, but you also have to give credit to a phenomenally successful marketing campaign that knew just how to push the character of Deadpool forward. And now, Fox wants more grittiness in their comic book movie shared universe.

Thanks to that box office success, Fox is ready to go in for the kill with more adult fare, as the studio announced at the New York Toy Fair that they want the third solo Wolverine movie to be rated R. took a photo of a Fox pamphlet that highlighted this possibility:


If there’s one character that could really do with an R-rating, it’s High Jackman’s Wolverine. The previous film was some damn good fun, and even better in an unleashed director’s cut DVD version that included extra scenes, violence and a ninja meeting the business end of a snow blower that climaxes in a grisly shower of crimson. Here, read this handy list of edits that made a badass film even better.

While I’m eagerly awaiting High Jackman’s final Wolverine film to actually show what happens to a human body when it gets a half-dozen adamantium claws run through it by a berserker, there’s one other film in the R-rated crosshairs at Fox: X-Force.

Marvel’s Black Ops X-Men taskforce, X-Force is the small army of mutants that you call on when you need some dirty work done, or need to send a message to the criminal underworld that the mutant community is ready to protect itself by any means necessary. Reynolds has already mentioned that an X-Force film is a priority for him, while producer Simon Kinberg told Collider that this property could indeed be rated like Edge from WWE:


I think there are some stories that could be R-rated. I don’t know what they are, I mean I think the mainline X-Men movies have their own tone, which is a more operatic tone. It’s more dramatic, it is more PG-13 in a way. X-Force I could see being R-rated, and who knows?

It’s all hearsay at this point, but it’s an interesting development in the genre. What I’m saying is, is that comic book movies are ready to shed some blood. Or at least a CGI droplet or two.

Last Updated: February 17, 2016

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