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Friday Fright Club: Drag Me To Hell

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I’ve mentioned this before, but we live in a very exciting time for horror. Fans are flocking back to a genre that has long since been neglected by more serious filmmakers and, in my opinion, there are only a handful of directors we have to thank for horror getting the rejuvenation treatment – among them Sam “Evil Dead” Raimi.

drag-me-to-hell-poster1With Evil Dead doing its rounds, I like to remember that a few years back Mr. Raimi brought another horror film to life in his distinctive style, and that film was Drag Me To Hell. Written almost a decade before it was filmed, Raimi cashed in on his Spiderman success to bring Drag Me To Hell to life, and I’ve always felt like this was a nod to fans of his more horrific films, a reminded that horror isn’t dead but in contrast to Evil Dead, doesn’t need buckets of blood to terrify its audience. It definitely did not skimp on the kind of dark humour found in Evil Dead 2 though, adding a bizarre, unsettling hilarity to a film that also really managed scare its audience.

Drag Me To Hell tells the tale of Christine, a loan officer, who refuses to extend a loan to a old gypsy lady to try and impress her boss. This turns out to be a mistake of terrifying proportions as Mrs. Ganush, the gypsy, places a curse on Christine that promises that she will be dragged down into Hell after a few days of torment. As her time counts down, Christine discovers she is being terrorised by a demon called the Lamia, and over the course of the film she tries herself to rid of a the curse that is turning her life into a living nightmare…literally.

Yep, sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Post-Spiderman, Sam Raimi goes back to his roots and proves to us once again what can happen when a filmmaker is passionate about a project.  Critically praised, Drag Me To Hell took home numerous horror awards and while I am merely speculating, I can easily see how this opened the path for the new Evil Dead to be made.

This is definitely one for the collection, folks. Don’t mind the talking goat!


Last Updated: August 16, 2013

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