FRIDAY THE 13th could return, producers exploring new ideas for the franchise

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Horror movies are pretty much quick cash cows. They’re inexpensive, quick to produce and don’t necessarily have to actually be good in order to turn a buck. We’ve seen a bunch of revivals over the last couple of years for popular icons of the 1980s/90s slasher market, from Freddy Krueger through to Jason Voorhees.

Thing is though, Friday the 13th has only had one remake so far, a 2010 flick which made a tidy sum at the box office. Since then, future sequel plans are deader than Jason’s libido. But with new deals having recently been struck, Friday the 13th could return. Blair Witch style.

With Paramount back in charge of the Camp Crystal Lake summer camp, they’ve got a chance to redo Jason and pals yet again. The thing is though, they’ve only got five years to make it happen. According to Shock Till You Drop’s Ryan Turek via SlashFilm, that ticking clock has Paramount aggressively pursuing a new film, taking pitches from writers for a “found footage” style Friday the 13th film.

And that’s not actually a bad idea. Mind you, that’s just what it is, an idea. But the advantage of going for that style of of filming is that it can be dirt-cheap to do, and pay off well in the end. The biggest challenge though, would be to convince fans to want to watch a Cloverfield the 13th film.

But hell, this idea could actually make Jason positively frightening.

Last Updated: October 3, 2013

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