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FRIDAY THE 13TH is going back to camp to explore Jason's immortality

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Despite being a specialist in horny camp counsellor extermination, Jason Voorhees has managed to extend his business beyond the usual stomping grounds of Camp Crystal Lake. Which would explain why he’s banned from Times Square in New York. A new Friday The 13th film is indeed on the way, but it seems to be taking a little bit longer than usual. And you can blame Paranormal Activity for that delay.

Speaking to Esquire, producer Brad Fuller explained that thanks to Paranormal Activity raking in $100 million box office grosses off of a mere $1-$2 million budget, studios are beginning to rethink how to make horror movies, with cheaper horror flicks getting the priority pass over at the studios. That mindset will most likely see the next Jason film made with a budget of under $20 million, finding a sweet spot of low budget and high box office returns. And with that kind of budget, there’s still plenty of room for good ol’-fashioned horror, as Fuller explained:

You can’t do a great kill quickly. It takes time and the blood levels. You know, every time there’s a drop of blood you have to change their wardrobe and shower people off. You can’t rush that to get it right.

One other thing that the film will address however? Jason’s apparent immortality, and just why the behemoth seems to be incapable of staying down and sheathing his machete, as Fuller explained:

There’s always been this supernatural aspect to these movies. It defies logic that, you see Jason get killed in every movie, including ours, the 2009 one. And then he comes back and no one’s ever really investigated what that is. So that’s something that I think about a little bit. Like it is supernatural, but what is he? Those are the things that we’re toying with. Nothing has been decided. But those type of things: How does he always come back?

So long as it doesn’t include a cop-put like Michael Myer’s immortality did in that one Halloween film from the 1990s, then this could be a great angle to explore for the murder machine.

Last Updated: February 16, 2015


  1. Oh Gods no. Friday The 13th, the Final Friday coming back to haunt us???? That worm thingy again???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. James Francis

    February 16, 2015 at 15:28

    Hmm, gotta nerd nazi on this one. Jason wasn’t dead in the first one, nor was he actually killed in the second – despite a nasty gash to his shoulder – or third – despite being near hacked to pieces. He was only killed in the fourth and resurrected with lightning in the sixth movie. The fifth had a copycat plot and never actually featured Jason. So the people making these new movies are quite wrong, which might explain why their remake sucked so badly.


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