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From trolls to demons, as Andre Øvredal targets an American film debut

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What’s a non-American director supposed to do once he’s achieved fame and glory in his native land with some great films? Why, hope over the pond and take that talent with him/her, shaping it into a Hollywood production of course!

Troll Hunter director Andre Øvredal is one such foreign talent who is preparing for a career abroad, as he starts pre-production work on the Julie Kenner written book adapatation, Carpe Demon: The adventures of a demon-hunting soccer mom.

Published back in 2005, the books tell the story of Kate Connor, a housewife who is trying to forget about her exciting past as a slayer of demons in order to raise a family.

Of course, with all mysterious and hidden pasts, it catches up to her, and it’s up to the kickass mom to put down the grocery list and pick up an axe instead, as she has to force the hellish denizens emerging in San Diablo back to the pit that they spawned from.

Dan and Kevin “Hotel Transylvania” have been busy putting together a screenplay, but there’s no word yet on a production date or even a cast. Chris Columbus currently owns the rights to the book and its several sequels, with Columbus also planning on remaking Troll Hunter for American audiences.

Wonder if Sarah Michelle Gellar would be interested in the lead role?


Last Updated: March 5, 2012

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