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Gary Oldman signs on for Motor City

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He may have made his bones in Hollywood playing despicable characters and worthy villains, but as of late, actor Gary Oldman has taken on roles featuring him as more of a good guy, as Batman would tell you.

But it seems the popular thespian is once again dipping into his villainous routes, as Oldman has signed up for a role in the Detroit revenge-thriller, Motor City.

Directed by Albert Hughes, Motor City will feature Oldman and Dominic Cooper, alongside Amber Heard. Motor City tells the tale of a minor criminal that is sent to jail after being framed, and plots revenge against the man responsible several years later so that he can win back the love of his life.

So it’s essentially the Count of Monte Cristo, but with cars.

Warner Bros. will distribute the film, with Chad St John writing the script. Joel Silver and Andrew Rona handle production duties. Filming begins in April, in Berlin.

Last Updated: February 2, 2012

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