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GEARS OF WAR is getting some Battleship help

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Films these days get a lot of flack for being popcorn munching experiences that distract viewers with pretty explosions. And that’s something that is more than prevalent in video games these days. So what happens when you merge the two? Most likely even more explosions and bro-fisting, but a chance to grab some cash from that hard to please video gamers demographic pie as well.

Still, the film project is currently going nowhere fast, after years of development being clocked in already. But it looks like Gears of War will be getting some help at least, from the man responsible for producing Battleship. Boom!


Scott “Safe House” Stuber has signed on to help with the project, according to Variety.

Stuber, alongside series creators Epic Games, will be helping out to get the script in order while also looking to get some talent onboard for the vacant film. Right now, Gears of War has zero actors or directors attached, with Universal pictures currently interested in acquiring the film rights to screen the video game adaptation.

Set in the far future on a distant planet, mankind finds itself on the verge of extinction when a mysterious underground race, known only as the locusts, emerge to lay waste to their cities. Humanity’s only hope lies in the chainsaw-rifle of Marcus Fenix, a grizzled war veteran who is currently serving time in a military prison.

While Stuber may not have had a hit on his hands last year with Battleship, his other film ventures have tended to be more successful, from the comedic Ted to the more serious Safe House. Gears of War has all the makings to be a typical blockbuster film, provided the studios involved can get their acts together.

And hopefully with Stuber joining the project, things can finally get moving again.

Last Updated: April 30, 2013


  1. Yet again, sooo much promise for a good movie, all they have to do is TAKE THE CONTENT FROM A GAME, not butcher and rape it


    • Major Commodore 64 Darryn B

      April 30, 2013 at 17:49

      “I think we need Justin Bieber to play the role of Marcus Fenix. Ladies love the Bieb…”


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