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Get ready to SCREAM on TV

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You know how every single time you sit down to watch that one single show that you really, truly like? And then the phone rings? Well most times, it’s an insurance salesmen who is on the other end of the line. But soon, it just might be a familiar voice that is pondering whether or not you happen to enjoy cinema of the scary kind.

Scream is coming to TV, at least in the form of a pilot. And it’s being backed by MTV, who long ago forgot about broadcasting music videos.


Yessiree, MTV has greenlit production for a pilot based on the Wes Craven classic 1996 film, a film that originall skewered the slasher flicks of the past, before hitting audiences with three more sequels that just got more and more ludicrous. Scream 4 was the last such film in 2011, but thanks to a lacklustre performance at the box office, it did what no other film in the franchise could. Kill Ghostface for good on the big screen.

MTV says that they’re looking to “reinvent” the movies for the smaller screen, but they exactly have any ideas yet on how to do that. Dimension Films wants to grab horror maestro Wes Craven to direct the pilot episode, which will be used to help sell the idea of a full series to networks.

It’s a tricky scenario. The Scream films were successful for the fact that they slashed more tropes than air-headed young adults, with a plot twist here and there to attempt to keep things fresh. But to stretch that concept out over an entire series might be asking too much. Unless they could keep the formula going over self-contained single episodes.

Do you like scary movies?

Last Updated: April 26, 2013

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