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Get some revengeance in this bone-breaking trailer for BANGKOK REVENGE!

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Nothing beats a good martial arts action film, when it’s done properly. No matter how piss-poor the story is, or how weak the acting is, watching some expertly choreographed leg snaps and fist to face techniques always  triumphs in the end. Science fact.

Bangkok Revenge looks to be one of those films, as Jean-Marc Mineo directs wrecking machine Jon Foo as an orphan who seeks revenge against the men who stole his parents from him, one broken bone at a time.

Manit, a boy of ten years witnessed the murder of his parents. Unrelenting, the killers decide to eliminate it. Shot in the head, the child survives miraculously from his injuries, but finds himself struck by ataraxia. The damage to his brain took away any emotion. Saved from certain death by an old martial arts master, Manit, 20 years later becomes a real war machine, returns to the place of his childhood. Justice is going to fall, and men will die.

Jon Foo stars as the zero empathy fighter, and he looks to be in fine form for this film. He’s previously done stunt work in Tom Yum Goong, that film that starred the martial arts walking cheat code, Tony Jaa, while David “Ultraviolet” Ismalone is providing the fight choreography.

The film is out sometime in very selected territories in September, so look out for this one when it hits DVD eventually.


Last Updated: August 27, 2012

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