Get to know London again in this new trailer for SHERLOCK

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Analysis: Constantly refreshed browser history suggests eager anticipation. URLs point towards more than questionable taste in pornography. Documented history and torrents point towards delusions of fanboyism, while fan-fiction paints a picture of a disturbed individual.

Conclusion: Public is eagerly anticipating at least one Sherlock return, and it might be the one starring Khan.

If you’re a fan of BBC produced shows, then put away your Downtown Abby DVDs and say hello to Sherlock once again. Benedict Cumbermatch and Martin Freeman are back for a third season of high stakes investigations. Sherlock is back from the dead after a two year absence, and you can bet that Watson isn’t exactly too happy to have his old sleuthing partner back.

Season 3 kicks off in early January.

Last Updated: December 10, 2013

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