Get UNDER THE INFLUENCE with this trailer for the new Keith Richards documentary

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As unfathomable as it may be, one day everything is going to end. Billion and trillions of years from now, entropy will win and every piece of matter in existence will wink out of existence as the universe faces it’s heat-death. Well, not total heat death, as there will still be a flicker of flame as Keith Richards lights up another joint and takes a drags as he outlives every single thing. Everything except the indelible musical legacy he’s left behind.

The legendary guitarist/songwriter for the Rolling Stones has had an incredible life – the very definition of a rock star existence – and you can get a brand new, unparalleled look at it in Keith Richards: Under the Influence. The new Netflix documentary from Oscar-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville looks to peel back the layers on Richards’ own influences, finding out what it took to make him into the rock ‘n roll legend that he is. Check out the first trailer below.

Keith Richards: Under the Influence will debut on Netflix on September 18.

Last Updated: September 11, 2015

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