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Gina Carano is going to be slaying demons as AVENGELYNE

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Gina Carano is one of those few professionals who has managed to not only turn a career in a sport of revenge-face-punching into a career, but into an acting lifestyle as well. To make things even more impressive, she’s already broken out of that typecast of hard-hitting action lady with several dramatic roles underneath her championship belt to boot.

Now that spells success to me. But it looks like she’ll be hitting the gym and torsos again soon, as Carano has signed on for the lead role in an Avengelyne film.

Avengelyne (2)

Created by Rob Liefeld, who spent much of his career drawing footless superhero with extra muscles, Carano will star as the heavenly warrior stuck on Earth, and that’s about as deep as the story goes, because as  Liefeld comic, it was an excuse to draw a sexy lady with a steel rod for a spine and physics-defying breasts.

This project is actually a spin-off of Liefeld’s other Hollywood project, The Godyssey, which will also star the character of Avengelyne. While it’s unclear if these two flicks would be connected and require the Haywire star to double-act, it will…ah to hell with it. I doubt this movie will even get out of development hell within the next two years.


Last Updated: July 19, 2013

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  1. I like the look of Gina. I find her H.O.T!


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