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GOD OF WAR Writers liken their tale of Kratos to a Batman origin story

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Another day, another video game movie story. With fairy tale films now circling the trendy drain, it looks like digital entertainment will be the next in-thing, after a Metal Gear Solid film was announced yesterday, and various other projects starting to ramp up pre-production.

One such project is God of War, a tale of the angriest greek ever born, as he slaughtered his way through three bloody games that when combined, are five hours of pure adrenaline and carnage. And apparently, happen to be quite similar to Batman, according to the GOW writers.

Patrick “Saw” Melton and Marcus “Piranha 3DD” Dunstan were charged back in July with the task of creating a screenplay for the upcoming film, based on the David Self script, which they told IGN that they were looking to inject with a touch more humanity, and make Kratos a bit more like Batman in the process:

In the same way that Batman was grounded with Christopher Nolan’s rendition, we were attempting to do that with Kratos so that when we meet him — like they’re doing in this newest game, which is sort of a prequel to the original — we’re seeing him before he became the Ghost of Sparta, when he was just a Spartan warrior and he had family and kids.

In the game… there’s that attack from the barbarians and Kratos has to call upon Ares to help him. Really, that’s going to be our first act break.

Before then, he’s going to be mortal, and he’s going to have his family. We’re going to learn about him and understand how he operates. So it’s potentially 30 minutes — give or take — of building up this character so that, when he does turn and becomes the Ghost of Sparta, we understand him as a human and we understand the journey that he’s going to take.

We’re emotionally invested, so that it could go beyond just this one movie.

The duo also plan on making Ares a more proactive villain, instead of a Dr Claw style warlord who allows events to unfold and only pops in when he feels like it:

In the game, you know, he’s immortal, and he doesn’t really do much besides raid Athens… So we’re trying to build him up a bit more, too, so that he can become a true villain.

As nice as it would be to see Kratos being a family man, it doesn’t gel well with this kind of project. That original, brief brutal origin of the iconic warrior set the stage and theme perfectly in the game, and to be honest, a lengthy origin sounds like unnecessary padding for the tale, and an attempt to shoehorn in some romance for the demographics out there.

Looks like we’re getting the God of War that no one wanted, or deserved. What do you think though, necessary, or redundant?

Last Updated: August 31, 2012

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