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The Grand Tour Mozambique special review – It’s time to save the world

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With friends like these, who needs enemies? A quick glance at any episode of The Grand Tour might make you think that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May could be the most bitter of enemies in front of the camera. The insults flow freely, the co-hosts regularly abandon one another during challenges and they’re each responsible for all manner of shenanigans visited upon one another.

But really, that’s the charm of having real friends.

Real friends are terrible to one another, real friends never miss out on opportunity to poke fun at their pals or pull a fast one. It’s that penchant for mischief that makes for great chemistry, something that a certain other show that rhymes with Flop Beer has yet to understand. If the first season of The Grand Tour was a slow-burning reunion tour starring the likable trio of gearheads, then the second season finale is the combined talents of Clarkson, Hammond and May at their very best.

Unlike the plodding two-part finale of the first season, The Grand Tour’s Mozambique special is a perfectly cut special that has a definitive beginning, middle and end. It’s the lads vs world hunger, attempting to bridge the divide between coastal and inland Mozambique using their signature style: Ambitious but ultimately rubbish in their endeavours.

Classic stuff, as the unholy trinity embark on a journey to deliver fresh fish to locals: Clarkson in a Nissan pick-up, May in an old Mercedes 200T, and Hammond on a brand new TVS Star motorcycle. It’s yet another case of the lads biting off more than they can chew in the process, their grand designs getting the better of them and their journey becoming fraught with peril along the way.

And it’s brilliant. It’s charming, bonkers content that nails the idea of The Grand Tour perfectly as Clarkson, Hammond and May ride off once again. The second season of The Grand Tour has been excellent content, a rollercoaster of supercars, challenges gone awry and three old men getting in over their heads along the way.

The Grand Tour’s Mozambique special feels like the sum total of a terrific sophomore season, that captures the thrills and the heartache of watching the motoring icons attempting the impossible. If you’re keen to spend an hour watching three men cause all manner of chaos in Mozambique (or you’re ready to have a shot of alcohol that’ll leave your organs irreparably damaged every time Hammond falls off his motorcycle), you can catch the second season finale right now on Amazon Prime.

Last Updated: February 15, 2018

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