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Greg Berlanti, Zack Stentz confirmed to be working on a BOOSTER GOLD movie

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With all the cancelled TV shows, Michael Fassbender’s Assassin’s Creed trailer (Fassassin’s Creed?), Justice League villains and a possibly retooled DC Comics movieverse news happening last week, a rather interesting nugget fell through the cracks over here. And its especially intriguing as it relates to the whole DC movieverse and it’s apparent change in tone.

The guys from Cleats and Capes were the ones who initially reported the nugget as they checked out Kevin Smith’s latest Fatman on Batman podcast. Smith had most recently directed an episode of TV series The Flash titled “The Runaway Dinosaur”, which was penned by Thor and X-Men: First Class scribe Zack Stentz. And when Stentz was asked about how he got the gig writing the episode he revealed that it was basically being in the right place at the right time as he had already been working on a secret project with The Flash producer Greg Berlanti, which had to be delayed because of the birth of Berlanti’s new son opening up Stentz’s schedule to do something else in the meantime.

Immediately there was huge speculation as to what that project could be. Especially since another rumour had just surfaced hours before that Warner Bros were looking to add a movie based on popular character Booster Gold to their slate of DC Comics movies. Berlanti is of course the man now fully in charge of all the current, hugely popular DC comics TV series (The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl) which all have a very light and fun tone – even Arrow, although it takes itself way too seriously at time – with a good handle on iconic stories and big CG wow moments. Those types of sensibilities are the perfect fit for Booster Gold. Plus, Berlanti had actually been developing both a Booster Gold TV series a short while back which didn’t get picked up, as well as a Booster Gold/Blue Beetle team-up movie that never came to pass but which drew a lot of attention at the time.

So everything just seemed to line up perfectly, and while chatting to THR over the weekend, Berlanti confirmed what everybody had been waiting to hear:

I’m attached to a few films [at Warner Bros.] now, and one, Booster Gold, is a DC property. Zack Stentz, who wrote an episode of Flashlast year, just got the job, so he’s writing the script now. I’d probably direct that, or I would want to.

So yes, Berlanti is not confirmed to direct YET, but based on just how well received his TV series have been, I can’t think that the suits on the Warner Bros lot are not strongly considering it.  Berlanti goes on in the interview to explain that the personal appeal of moving from the small screen to the big screen is definitely there, even though TV has its advantages

I definitely want to direct more. Film directing’s a lot like showrunning. The thing that I probably enjoy the most and also am the best at in whatever art form I’m working in is being the protector of the emotional experience of the audience. Also, I’m a dad now, and I’m starting to think about my life differently in terms of how much time I’m going to have. When you direct a film, you have a couple years between movies, and I’d have more time to be with my family.

[But] I actually think some of the stuff we get to do on the TV side is richer, deeper and more like the true comic books in the sense that you’re always able to explore a new thing the next week and the stories grow wider and wider.


For those of you not in the know Booster Gold is initially a showboating, loser, ex-football star from the 25th Century named Michael Jon Carter. While working as a security guard at a museum, he decides to steal future tech and use it time travel to the 20th century to become a superhero with the sole intent of getting rich and famous using his “abilities”. Of course, along the way he learns all about true heroism. But while still being a smug and snarky asshole. Along the way he also often teamed up tech genius and lovable goofball Ted Kord aka Blue Beetle and the two often got up to hilariously fun, crazy adventures in space and time.

In other words, the exact opposite in tone to director Zack Snyder’s first two DC Comics movies in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. And that once again harks back to the rumblings people have been hearing that in the wake of Batman v Superman‘s mixed reception, WB are starting to veer away from Snyder’s permanently grimdark vision of this universe.

Along with the really fun looking Suicide Squad, James Wan’s high seas adventure take on Aquaman and whatever the new director for The Flash movie cooks up, the combination of Berlanti and Booster Gold would definitely go a long way to reinforcing that lighter tone. Now just convince Nathan Fillion to get back into shape (Captain Hammer became Captain Ham Sandwich) and you have the perfect casting. I hear his schedule just opened up.

Last Updated: May 17, 2016


  1. Yeah, bring on the Booster Gold movie. My choice for Guy Gardner might just work for Booster Gold as well. How about Bradley Cooper for the role.


    • Kervyn Cloete

      May 18, 2016 at 07:11

      I think Sean William Scott aka Stifler, might actually make a good Guy Gardner.


      • LegionZA

        May 18, 2016 at 09:02

        The Stiffmeister is pretty good pick for GG, I can dig that


    • Loraine Atkinson

      May 18, 2016 at 08:27

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