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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY director offers more on Vol.2

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James Gunn Guardians Poster

For those of you who have been living under a rock these past few years you may have missed that I really rather enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy, a fun space romp directed by the rather awesome, and I suspect slightly unhinged, James Gunn. What you probably don’t know is how active he is on social media. I mean, he’s even replied to me! I haven’t touched another Twitter account since…

He’s also huge on Facebook – often funny, and often rather angry with mental fans – where he commands loads of followers and thousands of comments for each post. He is also rather comical with his close actor friends, like Michael Rooker (the blue-faced Yondu) and Lord Chris Pratt. Actually the other day after a tirade about NOT being the person to approach for a role in a movie, he directed that privilege to Rooker, I can only assume some fans took that to heart and Rooker has a few stern words for Gunn.

But back to Guardians of the Galaxy and news about its upcoming sequel! Now the first movie was co-written by Marvel in-house writer Nicole Perlman (she provided the initial draft, which Gunn then fleshed out with his own creative touches) but in new and interesting tit-bits that Gunn fed the internet over a Q&A session on Twitter recently we now know that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 has been exclusively penned by…

gunn 1

Yes, this time around the man with the plan is taking on the sole role of writing the whole damn thing! And whereabouts is he with that I wonder?

gunn 2



Indeed! He has basically finished the script, which is awesome. I really am curious to see what direction he takes. He’s already said the movie is going to be ‘different’. I am sure being the solo writer his own unique craziness seen in movies like Slither will be more prominent. Actually, that’s one complaint directors like Joss Whedon have grumbled about – Marvel being a huge beast that doesn’t allow the individual free reign to do what they want. Oddly Gunn had the opposite to say:

gunn 3 gunn 4

That makes me rather happy! Not moving away from believing what is real, can you believe that Gunn actually writes ALL the words, like English language words, for Groot? You know, the bark that only say ‘I am Groot’ to everything? Oh, I see, you DON’T believe me! Fine, believe the Gunn!

gunn 5

There you have it, Diesel actually has to think… Nahh… That’s silly. And lastly I’ll leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling that only music can create. Indeed I am referring to the Awesome Mix Vol.2, the second soundtrack followup to the HUGELY popular (I listen to it in my car almost every morning) compilation album.

gunn 6

So that is a wrap. I think some really interesting things were covered in his tweeting frenzy and if you don’t already follow him, I advise you do, he is a coooool cat and may even reply to your insistent, incessant, bugging, pleading, crying, tweets, like he did me!

Last Updated: November 13, 2015

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