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Guilty Pleasure – Freddy Got Fingered

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I know. There’s no logical excuse as to why anyone would enjoy this film. It’s like peering inside the mind of actor Tom Green, only something far more demented, and with a screechy voice, stares back at you.

And yet, I absolutely adore this film.

Tom “I never even had marbles to lose in the first place” plays Gordy, a twenty-something slacker with dreams of being an animator. Only he happens to be insane and more socially inept than a quadriplegic leprosy victim.

After finally moving out of his parents house and arriving in Hollywood, Gordy presents his ideas for an animated series to one of the bigwigs in the industry, only to be truthfully told that they’re childish, retarded and stupid.

So he returns to his parents house, much to the chagrin of his father, who decides to make the life of his son a living hell in order to get rid him once and for all.

As usual, things take a turn for the worse, with the conflict between mentally unbalanced son and rageaholic father escalating to ludicrous levels, with the rest of Gordys’ family and friends get caught in the crossfire.

Watching Freddy got fingered is like watching a train wreck itself for 90 minutes, only with more horse penis and wheelchair bound girls being caned than usual.

Green, who obviously has far more crazy than talent, was right at home in this picture, with absurd performances ranging from wearing a suit backwards, to tying sausages to his hands and writing songs about them. Green happens to be so crazy in the film, that junior psychiatrists have to buy the movie as part of their study aids.

And while it’s not too hard to see Green performing like an escaped mental patient, it’s amazing that this film managed to rope in actors such as Rip Torn and Julie Haggerty as well. Maybe they just really needed the money.

But even in a film of such unimaginably terrible jokes and poor taste, Torn is still a force to be reckoned with. If Anthony Hopkins set benchmarks for portrayals of serial killers, that even went on to influence actual murderers, then Torn is the ultimate abusive father, as he looks to destroy the life of his own son.

He throws him through a shower, tries to strangle him, destroys a skateboarding half-pipe that he spent months building and doesn’t give a crap when his other, better son, is taken away to a foster home after Gordy falsely accuses him of child molestation. Torn is a mountain of pure hate, and he just explodes in those 90 minutes.

And yet, as bad as the jokes are, as infantile as they may seem, Freddy Got Fingered is just so bad, that it’s actually brilliant, in a surreal manner. It’s well filmed, has a solid foundation, and dammit, it makes me wish that Green would actually make a Zebras in America Cartoon already!

I’ve got no real excuse as to why I love this film, but I’ll be damned if this isn’t the very definition of a guilty pleasure.



Last Updated: April 11, 2012

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