Gwyneth Paltrow says there won't be an IRON MAN 4

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We’ve still a couple of days to go to before Tony “My facial hair is richer than you” Stark struts into local cinemas with Iron Man 3, but the film has already opened in some international markets last night. So beware them spoilers, folks!

Ms Pepper Potter herself, Gwyneth Paltrow, thinks she has her own spoiler. Not about this movie though, but rather about the franchise’s future: There isn’t one.


Speaking to BleedingCool Paltrow dropped this not-so-little nugget about what to expect next from Iron Man.

“I don’t think there’s going to be [an Iron Man 4]. I think we’re done with Iron Man.”

Now before you start warming up your best “What the hell does that silly vegan know?” insult, just think about this for a second. Iron Man 3 looks set to clean up at the box-office with early figures already looking pretty promising, so you might expect a sequel will be automatically greenlit, especially since star Robert Downey Jr has become the impromptu face of the Marvel universe. However, Downey Jr. and Paltrow initially only signed a six picture deal, and if you include the cameos in other films, that deal ends with The Avengers 2.

Downey Jr. has already mentioned that he doesn’t want to do the role forever, especially now that he’s approaching 50,  and even Marvel Exec Kevin Feige has hinted that if needs be they would give him an out. And really, would that be that bad?

By all accounts, Iron Man 3 is a lot different tonally not just to the previous two films but also the other films in the Marvel stable. And that’s the beauty of what Marvel is doing. They’ve prevented fans from experiencing burnout by making sure that each franchise brings something a little different to the table. Iron Man 3 is their techno-thriller, Thor: The Dark World is their swords and sandals epic, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is their spy-caper while Guardians of the Galaxy will be their space opera. And if we’re okay with them taking risks with different genres like that, then why not different characters instead of the same old faces over and over agin?

Sure, Tony Stark can still team up with his old buddies again to crack wise and shoot things with lasers out of his scapulas when the next big bad saunters into town, but does he really need a fourth solo movie? How much more snarky Stark can the audience take before they want slap the Tony Starkiness right out of him?

As much as I’m aware of the wealth of story potential still left in the character, I don’t think it would such a bad idea to hand over the armoured baton. Don Cheadle’s contract as War Machine still has a couple more films left in it, so he could essentially become the big, armoured gun of the team. And with Marvel about to drop a bunch of new faces on fans in the form of GuardiansAnt-ManDoctor Strange and (all but confirmed) Black Panther, plus keeping in mind that Daredevil is now back under their control, would they even still need Tony Stark?

Early reviews for Iron Man 3 have been very positive thus far. I say let this and Avengers 2 be his swan song. A song filled with quips and explosions aplenty.

Last Updated: April 26, 2013

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