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Harlem's hero is kicking ass in this new trailer for LUKE CAGE

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When it comes to superpowers, a lot of them suck Galactus-sized balls of inconvenience and dread. Super-speed ala the Flash? Good luck maintaining your bank budget when you have to fill up on an entire McDonald’s worth of Happy Meals just so that you can outrun a boomerang. Telepathy? Listen, if Twitter is an indication of the terrible and mundane thoughts that humanity broadcasts on a daily basis then I’m more than ready to unfollow the species if I wind up with that power.

But a combination of super-strength and unbreakable skin? Provided that you don’t get a pimple which will never ever be poppable, that’s actually a fantastic powerset. At the right level, it’s easy to manage and it’ll come in useful when you need to open up that bottle of coke which has been sealed way too tight. That’s the power that Luke Cage flaunts in Harlem, as the former convict has bulletproof skin and super strength thanks to a prison experiment that went awry in the most opportune of ways.

And of course Cage is a reluctant hero. For about 20 seconds anyway before what appears to be a beloved pal takes a plot device to the chest thanks to the ongoing gang wars being orchestrated by Mahershala Ali’s Cornell Strokes. Here’s the latest, proper trailer for Luke Cage:

It’s your usual Netflix setup: 13 episodes, a guest appearance by Rosario Dawson and a lead-in to the upcoming Defenders series. I’ve got a little bit of tentative hype for this series, which is flexing some strong black heritage amidst the vibrant backdrop of the infamous New York borough of Harlem. Here’s hoping that Luke Cage delivers on that sweet Christmas setup when it debuts on September 30 before he joins forces with a certain martial artist who can make his fist like something akin to iron…


Last Updated: August 10, 2016

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