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Has JURASSIC PARK 4 been placed in amber?

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I love me some dinosaurs. Hence, I love me some Jurassic Park. Which is why, when director Colin Treverrow revealed the first location pic, back on the original film’s island, Isla Nubar, for his planned Jurassic Park 4, I instantly became as giddy as… well, a boy who likes dinosaurs.

But now it seems that  I – and all of you – may just have to put all those feelings on hold, as it looks like the dino sequel may just have been shelved.

The trouble in prehistoric paradise began when Dean Sheriff, a concept artist on the film, tweeted the following message:


Before any further explanation for those 3 words appeared, the tweet was deleted, but not before AICN screencapped it.

Soon thereafter though, the film’s Digital Asset Manager, Todd Smoyer, tweeted a similar message, which was also then promptly deleted.


So what is going on over on the production? Has Universal Pictures suddenly developed an aversion to mountains of money, as the sequel would most likely have made?

Well, the film was originally scheduled for a June 2014 release and with Treverrow only being announced as director not too long ago, the film’s pre-production work (such as location scouting) just begun and not a single actor/actress been cast yet, it could be that that release window has just become impossible to hit.

So why then not just push back the release date? Well some rumours on the net are saying that the film’s script is not up to scratch and may need a major overhaul.

So does this mean that Jurassic Park 4 is completely dead? Well, not quite. This wouldn’t be the first time that a major, highly anticipated film got shelved due to problems with its production. Most recently/famously, the man who kickstarted this whole dino craze, Steven Spielberg, has seen his Robopocalypse also put on ice as production issues are sorted out.

We’ve seen a number of these shelved projects return to get the job done, sometimes with a much better cast/script/etc, as with George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road, so we can only hope that Jurassic Park 4 is also one of them, otherwise I’m going to be about as happy as a T-Rex at a hand clapping competition.

Last Updated: May 9, 2013

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