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Have you seen Momma Named Me Sheriff, the even madder sequel to Mr Pickles?

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Imagine a town, that defies logic. Picture suburbia, tainted with evil and unfiltered insanity, deviancy around every corner and at least one recorded instance of a demonically-possessed dog maiming people for sick thrills. You’d need a tough lawman to keep the peace, enforce the law, and make certain that order runs 24/7 in that backwater hellhole.

Unfortunately, the only sheriff in town is a mommy’s boy that happens to be completely oblivious to all the insanity going on around him, more concerned with pudding cups and making certain his dear old momma is proud of him. He’s the fat brown line that barely keeps Old Town from collapsing in on itself, a flabby arm of the law who through sheer dumb luck managed to save the day several times. And get himself locked in his own squad car for weeks, but that’s another story.

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When havoc breaks loose in Old Town, Sheriff, Deputy Goodman and Dispatch must work together to solve cases and uncover unthinkable mysteries. Aside from the usual charmingly disturbing hijinks, this season you’ll finally learn the meaning behind “roostering.” Plus, Goodman gets lost in the desert, Dispatch uncovers a secret conspiracy in Old Town, and some dragons take over. Y’know, business as usual.

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If you’re expecting Momma Named Me Sheriff to carry the torch that Mr Pickles handed over to it, you’d be right and wrong. On the surface, it’s still the same visually grotesque animation that a weekly animated series about a hound from hell that was pioneered over the course of several seasons, with the brutality and bloodshed being toned down.

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That doesn’t mean that Momma Named Me Sherriff won’t leave you scratching bloody chunks of scalp out of your heard after being subjected to a mere handful of seconds though. While the cartoonish levels of gores have been toned down, Adult Swim’s new series from Will Carsola and Dave Stewart instead turns the dial up to 11 on the madness. You ever seen a morbidly obese man eat an entire city-destroying boulder, witnessed a hot pursuit of a literal leg thief or the mystery of Sunday Man, an entity made entirely out of ice cream?

Listen, never in a million years did I expect to write that sentence.

And that’s just the tip of the insanity-berg, as two seasons of the show now exist. Two seasons of content that are a window into a world that should not be, a visual acid trip that plays like the most beautiful train wreck in motion that you’ve ever seen. Momma Named Me Sheriff  is disturbing on multiple levels, it does a 900 spin when it regularly jumps the shark, and I simply can’t stop watching even though I know it’s going to make me question my own sanity.

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If you’re keen on watching, Showmax has the first season available for streaming, with season 2 coming express from the US from 15 February 2021.

Last Updated: February 4, 2021

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