Henry Cavill gets ready to leap a great wall in a single bound

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He’s conquered the ancient world of myths and legends in Immortals and donned the familiar, underwear-less tights of a certain man of steel, but it seems that British actor Henry Cavill will be attempting something less epic in his next film, The Great Wall.

Cavill will be starring in the Ed “Love and other drugs” Zwick directed film, which Zwick also co-wrote with Marshall Herskovitz. The film will explore how the great wall of China was built over the course of many years and the lifetimes of various rulers, China-based company Legendary East handling the production.

As for what role Cavill will play? No one knows, but presumably female fns will be hoping that its one that involves being constantly shirtless and rippling with muscles hard work.

Cavill will be seen next in the action thriller The Cold light of day, with the Superman reboot The man of steel arriving next year.

Last Updated: February 10, 2012

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